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Map type: extra long distance | Total track length: 6682 miles | Center coordinate: 46.95702241469766, 8.833372007121424 | * Speed Express Rail | 200 | Capitals Line: (High speed rail, 4 stations) Paris Main Station, Brussels Main Station, Brussels Main Station, Amsterdam * Speed Express Rail | 201 | French Western Cost Line: (High speed rail, 7 stations) Brussels Main Station, Lille, Caen, Rennes, Nantes, Bordeaux, Donostia-San Sebastian * Speed Express Rail | 202 | French Southern Coast to Italy: (High speed rail, 5 stations) Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseilles, Genoa, San Marino * Speed Express Rail | 203 | Central France via Paris: (High speed rail, 6 stations) Marseilles, Lyon, Dijon, Orleans, Paris Main Station, Caen * Speed Express Rail | 209 | Paris to Vienna via Southern Germany: (High speed rail, 5 stations) Vienna, Munchen, Stuttgart, Strasbourg, Paris Main Station * Speed Express Rail | 205 | Marseilles to Ljubljana via Northern Italy: (High speed rail, 5 stations) Ljubljana, Trento, Milan, Turin, Marseilles * Speed Express Rail | 211 | Northern/Central Germany from Brussles: (High speed rail, 5 stations) Berlin, Magdeburg, Hanover, Dusseldorf, Brussels Main Station * Speed Express Rail | 207 | Brussels Northwards: (High speed rail, 7 stations) Brussels Main Station, Dusseldorf, Bremen, Hamburg, Hamburg, Kiel, Albourg * Speed Express Rail | 208 | Bratislava to Berlin via Vienna: (High speed rail, 6 stations) Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava * Speed Express Rail | 204 | Italy North to South: (High speed rail, 8 stations) Messina Connector Station (Via Ferry), Catanzaro, Potenza, Naples, Rome, San Marino, Bolonga, Milan * Sicily Connector Rail | A | Messina to Palermo: (Regional rail, 2 stations) Messina Main Station, Palermo * Sicily Connector Rail | B | Messina to Catania: (Metro/rapid transit, 2 stations) Messina Main Station, Catania * Sicily Connector Rail | Ferry | Messina Main to Messina Connector: (Tram, 2 stations) Messina Main Station, Messina Connector Station (Via Ferry) * Speed Express Rail | 210 | Milan to Dusseldorf via Central Western Europe: (Metro/rapid transit, 5 stations) Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Zurich, Milan * Speed Express Rail | 206 | Switzerland to Paris: (Regional rail, 5 stations) Paris Main Station, Orleans, Dijon, Bern, Zurich
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