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Nottingham, City Of Nottingham, England, United Kingdom by
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Map type: local | Total track length: 131 miles | Center coordinate: 52.96224551683845, -1.1725652540479452 | * Red Line: (Tram, 9 stations) Victoria Centre, Old Market Square, The Park, QMC South, University Lakeside, University Boulevard West, Middle Street, Beeston Central, Cromwell Road * Green Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 17 stations) Oak Acres, Baskin Lane, Queens Road West, Nottingham College Beeston Campus, Cromwell Road, Bramcote Drive, Hillside Road, Nurseryman (Eating Inn), Derby Road, Thoresby Road, Wollaton Vale, Wollaton Library, Wollaton Road, University Jubilee Campus, Arundel Street, Theatre Royal, Victoria Centre * Yellow Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 14 stations) Camborne Drive, Gregory Boulevard, University Jubilee Campus, Selston Drive, Lenton Hall Drive, University Boulevard West, Alderman Close, Parkside Gardens, Wollaton Vale, Glaisdale Drive West, Hanslope Crescent, Cranwell Road, A610, Camborne Drive * Blue Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 13 stations) Eyestyle Opticians, Sainsbury's Local, Pilkington Road, Hungerhill Road, Victoria Centre, Theatre Royal, Arundel Street, Gregory Boulevard, Springfield Street, Daybrook Avenue, City Hospital, Lytham Gardens, Eyestyle Opticians * Orange Line: (Tram, 10 stations) A610, Cranwell Road, Burnt Oak Close, Armstrong Road, Crabtree Road, Commercial Road, Austin Street, Nettlecliff Walk, Lytham Gardens, A610 * Purple Line: (Local bus, 10 stations) Lytham Gardens, Elmbridge, Daybrook Medical Practice, Whernside Road, Bettabytz, Mapperley Hall Drive, Mansfield Road, Mapperley Road, North Sherwood Street, Theatre Royal * Cyan Line: (Tram, 6 stations) Woodstock Street, Nottingham Road, Church Road, Millbank Place, Revelstoke Way, Lytham Gardens * Magenta Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 6 stations) Meadow Lane, Main Street, Dennis Street, Carlton Square, Avon Road, Sainsbury's Local * Lime Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 8 stations) Victoria Centre, Hungerhill Road, Northampton Street, Kelvin Road, Parkdale Road, Durham Avenue, Private Road No. 8, Carlton Square * Pink Line: (Tram, 8 stations) HM Revenue & Customs, Castle Road, Station Street, Old Market Square, Middle Hill, Stoney Street, Handel Street, Northampton Street * Teal Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 18 stations) Trentside North, Earlswood Drive, Hill Close, Blake Road, Gusto, Melton Road, Trent Boulevard, Saxby Court, Funky Pots, Worwood Drive, Rowan Drive, Trentside North, Durham Avenue, Leighton Street, Parkdale Road, Campbell Drive, Digby Avenue, Sainsbury's Local * Lavender Line: (Tram, 9 stations) Widecombe Lane, Leverton Green, Saxby Court, Rowan Drive, Trentside North, Middle Hill, Old Market Square, Theatre Royal, Victoria Centre * Brown Line: (Tram, 12 stations) Carlton Square, Campbell Drive, Pilkington Road, Bettabytz, The Cedars, City Hospital, Gothic Close, Camborne Drive, Aspley Lane, Saltburn Road, Wollaton Library, Wollaton Vale * Beige Line: (Local bus, 18 stations) Wollaton Vale, Wollaton Library, Morello Drive, Saltburn Road, Wigman Road, Aspley Lane, Alwyn Road, Glaisdale Drive East, Hanslope Crescent, Wigman Road, Glaisdale Drive West, Millbeck Avenue, Firbeck Road, Thoresby Road, Chapel Street, Manor Court, Lynton Road, Cromwell Road * Maroon Line: (Local bus, 35 stations) Theatre Royal, The Park, HM Revenue & Customs, Robin Hood Way, Saint Wilfrid's Church Drive, QMC South, University Jubilee Campus, Morello Drive, Trentham Drive, Broxtowe Lane, A610, Armstrong Road, Hoewood Road, Ludham Avenue, Hucknall Lane, Revelstoke Way, Lytham Gardens, Edmonds Close, Redhill Garage Ltd, Eyestyle Opticians, Cedar Grove, Daybrook Medical Practice, Arnold Road, Peary Close, Oakleigh Street, Gothic Close, Valley Road, Quorn Road, Hucknall Road, Daybrook Avenue, Springfield Street, Shaftesbury Street, Mount Hooton Road, North Sherwood Street, Theatre Royal * Mint Line: (Local bus, 15 stations) Leverton Green, Mary Ann Evans Building, Funky Pots, Gusto, Trentside North, Robin Hood Way, Saint Wilfrid's Church Drive, Rowan Drive, Worwood Drive, B Road, West Crescent, Beacon Road, Middle Street, Beeston Central, Queens Road West
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