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10 lines, 96 stations
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Map type: local | Total track length: 83 miles | Center coordinate: 43.04906376892814, -76.14810178760715 | * University Line: (Tram, 22 stations) Erie Canal Museum, East Genesee Street, Genesee - Irving, SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse University, Falk College, SU College of Law, SUNY ESF - JMA Dome, Barnes Center, Sims Hall, Euclid - Comstock, Dorset Road, University Neighborhood, Skytop - South Campus, Slocum Dr, SKytop North, Tecumseh Road, Victoria Place, Genesee - Westcott, Erie - Teall, James - Teall, Arterial Rd * Salina Line: (Tram, 13 stations) South Salina Street, Salina - Seneca, Salina - Colvin, Salina - Raynor, Onondaga - Salina, Salina - Erie, Salina - Pearl, Salina - Catawba, Salina - Court, Salina - Wolf, Court Street, Butternut - Grant, James - Grant * James - Genesee: (Tram, 12 stations) Genesee - Avery, Genesee - Erie, Genesee - Geddes, Genesee - Franklin, James - State, James - Lodi, Sedgwick, James - Teall, James - Grant, Eastwood, Thompson, East Syracuse * Onondaga Line: (Tram, 12 stations) Onondaga - Velasko, Onondaga - Geddes, South Avenue, Onondaga - Salina, Onondaga - State, East Genesee Street, Genesee - Irving, 505 Walnut, Genesee - Beech, Genesee - Westcott, Meadowbrook, LeMoyne College * Airport Line: (Tram, 13 stations) Erie - Genesee, Erie - Thompson, Erie - Teall, Erie - Walnut, Erie - Forman, Erie Canal Museum, Erie - Franklin, Erie - Geddes, Genesee - Erie, Destiny Usa Drive, Salina - Wolf, Mattydale, Syracuse Hancock International Airport (SYR) * Lake Line: (Tram, 18 stations) Salina - Wolf, William F. Walsh - Amtrak, School Rd - Galeville, Electronics Pkwy, Vine St - LIverpool, Hickory St - Onondaga Lake Park, Cold Springs - Long Branch, Long Branch Park, Lakeside, State Fair Boulevard, Sioux Avenue, State Fair Main Entrance, Genesee - Geddes, Erie - Geddes, Shonnard Street, Onondaga - Geddes, Twin Hills Drive, Geddes - Glenwood * Downtown Loop: (Tram, 10 stations) East Genesee Street, Genesee - Irving, SUNY Upstate Medical University, Oncenter, Onondaga - Salina, Museum of Science and Technology, Clinton Sq, Erie Canal Museum, Onondaga - State, East Genesee Street * Valley Line: (Tram, 14 stations) LeMoyne College, Salt Springs Road, Burnet Avenue, Eastwood, Arterial Rd, Court Street, Butternut - Grant, North State Street, Fayette - West, South Avenue, South - Kennedy, South Avenue, Valley - Seneca, Valley Drive * Seneca Line: (Tram, 6 stations) Onondaga Community College, Upstate Community Hospital, Valley - Seneca, Salina - Seneca, East Brighton Avenue, Clark Reservation State Park * Orange Connector: (Tram, 18 stations) Euclid - Comstock, Ernie Davis, Newhouse School of Communications, Whitman School of Management, Temple Concord, 505 Walnut, Genesee - Beech, Genesee - Westcott, Victoria Place, Ackerman Avenue, Euclid - Comstock, Sims Hall, Barnes Center, SUNY ESF - JMA Dome, SU College of Law, Falk College, Syracuse University, SUNY Upstate Medical University
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