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Map type: local | Total track length: 75 miles | Center coordinate: 40.744191339985264, -73.92712222530554 | * 1: (Metro/rapid transit, 45 stations) Pell Place, Carroll Street, City Island Avenue, City Island Circle, Amendola Place, Mayflower Avenue, Marconi Street, Eastchester Road, Williamsbridge Road, Hone Avenue, Bronxdale Avenue, White Plains Road, Bronx River Parkway, West Farms Road, East 174th Street, East 170th Street, Home Street, East 163rd Street, East 156th Street, Jackson Avenue, East 142nd Street, East 135th Street, 2nd Avenue - 127th St, 120th St, Duke Ellington Circle, 103rd St, 96th St, 86th St, 79th St, 72nd St, 66th St, 5th Avenue, 5th Avenue - 49th St, 42nd St, 34th St, 28th St, 23rd St, Union Square, 14th St, 8th St, Houston St, Delancey St, Canal St, Chambers Street, Ann Street * 2: (Metro/rapid transit, 49 stations) West 242nd Street, West 238th Street, West 231st Street, Fort Charles Place, West 218th Street, Payson Avenue, Seaman Avenue, Sherman Avenue, West 190th Street, West 181st Street, West 175th Street, West 170th Street, 161st St, West 155th Street, West 145th Street, West 135th Street, United House of Prayer, West 116th Street, Duke Ellington Circle, 86th St, 5th Avenue, 42nd St, 34th St, Union Square, 8th St, Houston St, Ridge Street, Bedford Avenue, Union Avenue, Graham Avenue, George Street, Wilson Avenue, Wyckoff Avenue, Forest Avenue, Cypress Hills Street, Cooper Avenue, 80th Street, Union Turnpike, Woodhaven Boulevard, Park Lane South, Babbage Street, Metropolitan Avenue, Sutphin Boulevard, Parsons Boulevard, 168th Street, 178th Street, 188th Street, 196th Street, Francis Lewis Boulevard * 3: (Metro/rapid transit, 33 stations) Broadway-Riverside Drive, 8th Avenue, Duke Ellington Circle, 5th Avenue, 42nd St, 34th St, Union Square, 14th St, 8th St, Houston St, Grand Street, East Broadway, York Street, Tillary Street, Ashland Place, Fort Greene Park, Clinton - Willoughby Avenues, Lafayette Avenue, Greene Avenue, Gates Avenue, Madison Street, Halsey Street, Fulton Street, Schenectady Avenue, Rochester Avenue, East New York Avenue, Winthrop Street, Lenox Road, Avenue A, Avenue D, Flatlands Avenue, Avenue K, Rockaway Parkway * 4: (Metro/rapid transit, 45 stations) Stillwell Avenue, West 8th Street, Neptune Avenue, Avenue X, Avenue T, Avenue P, Avenue M, Avenue I, Coney Island Avenue, Rugby Road, Ocean Avenue, Creative Unisex Salon, Linden Boulevard, Hawthorne Street, Empire Boulevard, Eastern Parkway, Eastern Parkway, Schenectady Avenue, Herkimer Street, Hancock Street, Lexington Avenue, Pulaski Street, Park Avenue, Graham Avenue, Meserole Street, Metropolitan Avenue, Richardson Street, Nassau Avenue, Greenpoint Avenue, Eagle Street, Jackson Avenue, Vernon Boulevard, 1st Avenue, 3rd Avenue, 5th Avenue - 49th St, West 51st Street, West 60th Street, West 72nd Street, West 79th Street, West 86th Street, West 92nd Street, West 100th Street, West 106th Street, Frederick Douglass Sculpture and Water Wall, Duke Ellington Circle
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