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Map type: local | Total track length: 716 miles | Center coordinate: 42.82008405444137, -73.7992066145472 | * Central Line: (Light rail/interurban, 28 stations) Nott/Veeder, Vale, Brandywine/Michigan, Western Parkway/Central Park, Crosstown/Consaul, Marriott Avenue, Balltown/Mohawk Commons, Lansing Road, Lisha Kill, Maywood, Central/New Karner, Lanci/Red Fox, Village of Colonie, Wolf/Colonie Center/Northway Mall, Central/Fuller, Roessleville, Central/Osborne, Westgate, Central/Watervliet, Manning/Main/Clinton, Central/Quail, Lark/Washington, State Capitol, Pearl/State, D&H Building, Pastures, Downtown Rennselaer, Rensselaer Train Station * New Scotland Line: (Light rail/interurban, 19 stations) Fisher Boulevard, Southwood Drive, Slingerlands, Cherry Ave, Maher Rd, McCormack Rd, Woodside/Hartman, New Scotland/Whitehall, New Scotland/Whitehall, Buckingham, Manning/New Scotland/St Peters Hospital, Helderberg/New Scotland, Quail/Academy, Albany Medical Center, Washington Park, Central/Washington, Clinton/Henry Johnson, Ten Broeck, Union Station/Columbia St * Washington Line: (Light rail/interurban, 13 stations) Union Station/Columbia St, Pearl/State, State Capitol, Lark/Washington, Lake/Washington/SUNY Downtown, Main/Washington/Albany High School, Manning/Washington, Washington/Brevator, Campus East, Campus West, SUNY Albany, SUNY Nanotech, Crossgates Mall * Broadway line: (Light rail/interurban, 23 stations) Cohoes, Columbia St, Main/Spring, Tibbets Ave, Twentyfifth St, Nineteenth St, Thirteenth Street, Watervliet Arsenal, Seventh St, Second St, Menands, Wards Lane, Broadway/Pearl, North End, Warehouse District, Broadway/Livingston, Union Station/Columbia St, D&H Building, Pastures, Green St, Second Ave/South End, Mt Hope, Port of Albany * Madison Line: (Light rail/interurban, 19 stations) UAlbany East/Regeneron, Columbia Turnpike/Aiken, Downtown Rennselaer, Pastures, Madison/Pearl, Empire State Plaza/State Museum, Madison/Lark, Washington Park, Madison/Lake, Madison/Partridge, Madison/Western, Euclid, Euclid, Brevator/Ormond, Russell/Eagle Point, Western/Campus, SUNY Albany Athletics, Western/Fuller/Stuyvestant Plaza, Crossgates Mall * Albany Loop: (Light rail/interurban, 21 stations) Whitehall/Manning, Marwood, Rose, Delaware, Hoffman, Krank St, Second Ave/South End, Pearl/Morton, Madison/Pearl, Pearl/State, Ten Broeck, Arbor Hill, Tivoli/Quail, Manning/Livingston, Manning/Central, Manning/Washington, Western/Manning, Manning/Cortland, Manning/New Scotland/St Peters Hospital, Whitehall/Manning, Main * Wolf/Airport Line: (Light rail/interurban, 12 stations) Albany Shaker Road, Airport Park, Albany International Airport, Wolf/Albany Shaker, Wolf/Metro Park, Wolf/Sand Creek, Wolf/Colonie Center/Northway Mall, Fuller/Central, Fuller/Railroad, Fuller/Tricentenial, Western/Fuller/Stuyvestant Plaza, Crossgates Mall * Rensselaer Line: (Light rail/interurban, 16 stations) Defreestville, Pershing/Indiana, Rockerfeller, Washington/8th, First/Central, First/John, Rensselaer Train Station, Downtown Rennselaer, Columbia Turnpike/Aiken, UAlbany East/Regeneron, Sherwood/Hampton, Barber Drive, Phillips Road, Columbia Turnpike/Troy Rd, Hays/Greenwood, Inglewood Rd * Amsterdam Line: (Light rail/interurban, 23 stations) Downtown Amsterdam, Pine Street, Guy Park Ave, Hobart Drive, Van Dyke Avenue, Northampton Rd, Van Dyke Avenue, Mc Clellan Avenue, Prospect St, Downtown Amsterdam, Schuyler St, East Amsterdam, Cranesville, Hoffmans, Pattersonville, Hutchinson Road, Vley Road, Glenville Tech Park, 5th Street/Scotia, Scotia, Collins Park, SCCC, State Street * Delmar/Latham Line: (Light rail/interurban, 22 stations) Elm/Cherry, Four Corners, Elsmere, Delaware Plaza, Normansville, Normansville, Delaware, St. James Place, Morton/Holland/Lincoln Park, Madison/Lark, Lark/Washington, Clinton/Henry Johnson, Northern Blvd/Memorial Hospital, Loudon Heights, Loudonville, Siena College, Newtonville, Watervliet-Shaker, Latham Circle, Latham Farms, Columbia Street, Boght Road * Troy-Schenectady line: (Light rail/interurban, 28 stations) Eagle Mills, Lake Ave, Orchard Avenue, 15th/Congress, 8th St/RPI, 3rd/4th, Second Ave, Seventh Ave, Twelth Ave, Delatour, Arcadia, Park Ave, Latham Circle, Latham Farms, Wade Road, Mill/Old Niskayuna, Albany Shaker Road, Vly Road, Birchwood, Lisha Kill/Mohawk, Avon Crest road, Niskayuna, Balltown/Union, Balltown/Union, Eastern Parkway, Brandywine, Glenwood, Union College/Nott Terrace * Troy River line (S): (Light rail/interurban, 20 stations) 125th St, 120th St, 116th St, 112th St, 108th St, 104th St, 101st Street, Ingalls, Jay St, Hutton, Federal St, Fulton/Broadway, Congress Ferry, Congress Ferry, Adams Street, Madison St, Van Buren, 1st Street, Morrison, Hudson Valley CC * Troy River line (N): (Light rail/interurban, 19 stations) 125th St, 120th St, 116th St, 112th St, 108th St, 104th St, 101st Street, Ingalls, Jay St, Hutton, Federal St, Fulton/Broadway, Congress/Ferry, Adams, Madison, Van Buren, 1st Street, Morrison, Hudson Valley CC * Rotterdam Line: (Light rail/interurban, 18 stations) Rotterdam Mall, Burdeck Street, Thompson Street, Ford Avenue, Mariaville/Broadway/Duanesburg, Guilderland Avenue, Oaklawn, Altamont/Helderburg, Crane Street, Chrisler Ave, Hamburg St, Brandywine/Michigan, Brandywine, Grand Blvd, Baker Ave, Lexington Parkway, River/Balltown, Van Antwerp/GE Research * Guilderland Line: (Light rail/interurban, 20 stations) Crossgates Mall, Westmere, Alvina Boulevard, New Karner, Hartmans Corners, Western Turnpike, Old State Road, Lone Pine/Spawn, Coons Road, Lydius Street, Carmen/Curry, Fort Hunter/Greenpoint, Marlette St, Altamont/Helderburg, Westside, Osterlitz Avenue, Westinghouse, Congress Street, General Electric, State Street * Saratoga Loop Line: (Light rail/interurban, 15 stations) West/Church, Station, West/Washington, West Circular Street/Saratoga Springs High School, Ballston/New, Lincoln/Broadway, Lincoln/Clark, Saratoga Race Course, Lake Ave, Maple Avenue, Skidmore College, Clement Avenue, Clinton/Van Dam, Church/Beekman, West/Church * Ballston Line: (Light rail/interurban, 32 stations) Skidmore College, 1st Street, Lake, Congress, Lincoln/Broadway, Ballston/New, Avenue of the Pines/SPAC, Hutchins Road, Northline Road, South St, Van Buren, High Street, Thomas Ave, Thomas Ave, Ballston Ave, Brookline Road, Ballston Center, Middle Line Road/Ballston Lake, Forest Road, Burnt Hills, High Mills, Gleason Road, Woodruff Drive, Glenville, Rudy Chase Drive, Schenctady County Airport/Freemans Bridge Rd, Dutch Meadows, Washington Road, Vley Rd, Collins Park, SCCC, State Street * Malta Line: (Light rail/interurban, 18 stations) Skidmore College, 1st Street, Lake, Congress, Lincoln/Broadway, Crescent/Avenue of the Pines, Malta Ridge/Saratoga Lake, High Street, Malta, Stonebreak Road, Round Lake, Ushers, Kinns/Farm-to-Market, Clifton Park, Sitterly Rd, Grooms Rd, Vischer's Ferry, Boght Road * Albany-Saratoga Express: (Light rail/interurban, 15 stations) Congress, Crescent/Avenue of the Pines, Malta, Round Lake, Clifton Park, Vischer's Ferry, Boght Road, Latham Circle, Siena College, Northern Blvd/Memorial Hospital, Clinton/Henry Johnson, Lark/Washington, State Capitol, Pearl/State, D&H Building * Greenbush Line: (Light rail/interurban, 20 stations) Frear Park, Hoosick/15th, Peoples/Samaritan, College/RPI, 15th/Congress, Pinewoods/Pawling, Elmgrove/Emma Willard, Griswold Heights, Campbell/Mill, Hudson Valley CC, Williams/LaSalle, North Greenbush, Jordan/Winter, Valley View, Defreestville, 3rd Ave Ext, Red Mill/Luther, Columbia Turnpike/Troy Rd, Hays/Greenwood, Inglewood Rd * Brunswick/Wyantskill Like: (Light rail/interurban, 18 stations) Poestenkill, Garfield, Weatherwax, Wyantskill, Brookside, Mountainview/Winter, Elmgrove/Emma Willard, Pinewoods/Pawling, 15th/Congress, 8th St/RPI, Federal/RPI, Hoosick/8th, Hoosick/15th, Burdett, Lake, Hillcrest, McChesney, Brunswick * Clifton Park Line: (Light rail/interurban, 36 stations) Waterford, Waterford, 125th St, 120th St, 116th St, 112th St, Van Schaick Island, Cohoes, Fulton, Van Ness, Harrison/Jay, Lea/Robin, Devitt Road, Fonda Road, Harris Road, Clippership Lane, Grooms Rd, Sitterly Rd, Clifton Park, Clifton Park Center, Moe Road, Shenendehowa, Vischer Ferry Road, Miller Road, Waite Road, Balltown, Maple Avenue, Glenville, Rudy Chase Drive, Schenctady County Airport/Freemans Bridge Rd, Dutch Meadows, Washington Road, Vley Rd, Collins Park, SCCC, State Street * Schenectady Downtown Loop: (Light rail/interurban, 6 stations) Nott/Veeder, Downtown Schenectady, State Street, Schenectady Rail Station/Stockade District, Clinton, Union College/Nott Terrace * Voorheesville Line: (Light rail/interurban, 16 stations) Albany International Airport, Sand Creek/Afrims, Vly Road, Central/New Karner, Albany Street, Pine Bush, Washington Ave Ext, Corporate Circle, New Karner, Executive Dr, Nott Rd, Mill Hill/Doctor Shaw, Wormer, Normanskill Road, Maple/State Farm, Altamont Road * Schenectady Loop: (Light rail/interurban, 20 stations) Golf Road, State/Consaul, Crosstown/Watt, Hamburg Street, Chrisler Ave, Pennsylvania, Main, Crane St/Broadway, Edison, State St, Clinton, Nott St, Van Vranken/Union Coll., Rosa/Ellis, Grand Boulevard, McClellan Street, Dean St, Balltown Road, Van Antwerp Road, Balltown/Union * Wilton Line: (Light rail/interurban, 20 stations) Downtown Glens Falls, South Glens Falls, Harrison, Feeder Dam, Bluebird, Reservoir Road, Lamplighter, Fortsville Rd, South Road, Corinth Mountain Rd, Kings Station, Worth Rd, Waller Road, Northern Pines, Smith Bridge Road, Carpenter Lane, Maple Ave, East Ave, Lake, Congress * Lake George Line: (Light rail/interurban, 16 stations) East Shore/Prospect Mountain, Beach Road, Million Dollar Beach, Lake George, East Shore/Prospect Mountain, Bloody Pond Rd, French Mountain/Lake George Outlets, Glen Lake/Gurney, Great Escape, Montray Road, Sweet Road, Quaker/Aviation, Webster/Fire, Grant/Sanford, Sherman/Washington, Downtown Glens Falls * Glens Falls Line: (Light rail/interurban, 18 stations) Champlain Canal, Fort Edward, Burgoyne Ave, Gates Ave, John St, Hudson Falls, Ferry Street, Highland Ave, Haskell Ave, Locust/Oak, Downtown Glens Falls, New Pruyn Street/Glens Falls Hospital, Broad/Hudson, Luzerne/Western, Pine St, Big Bay Rd, Minnesota Avenue, Van Dusen Road * Airport Express: (Light rail/interurban, 10 stations) D&H Building, Pearl/State, State Capitol, Lark/Washington, Wolf/Colonie Center/Northway Mall, Albany International Airport, Albany Shaker Road, Balltown/Union, Brandywine, Union College/Nott Terrace * Mohawk Line: (Regional rail, 14 stations) Mayfield, Gloversville, Johnstown, Fonda, Fort Johnson, Amsterdam, Pattersonville, Scotia, Schenectady Rail Station, South Schenectady, New Karner Road, Colonie, West Albany, Albany Union Station * Adirondack Line: (Regional rail, 15 stations) Glens Falls, Hudson Falls, Fort Edward, Gansevoort, Wilton, Saratoga Springs, Ballston Spa, Ballston Lake, Glenville, Schenectady Rail Station, South Schenectady, New Karner Road, Colonie, West Albany, Albany Union Station * Vermont Line: (Regional rail, 12 stations) Bennington, North Bennington, Eagle Bridge, Johnsonville, Valley Falls, Schaghticoke, Mechanicville, Waterford, Cohoes, Watervliet, Menands, Albany Union Station * Berkshire Line: (Regional rail, 8 stations) Pittsfield, West Stockbridge, Canaan, Chatham, Niverville, Schodack, Rensselaer, Albany Union Station * Hudson Line: (Regional rail, 8 stations) Hudson, Stockport, Stuyvesant, Schodack Landing, Castleton-on-Hudson, Rensselaer, Rensselaer, Albany Union Station * Heldeberg Line: (Regional rail, 10 stations) Cobleskill, Central Bridge, Delanson, Altamont, Voorheesville, Slingerlands, Delmar, Elsmere, South Albany, Albany Union Station * Hoosick Line: (Regional rail, 12 stations) North Adams, Williamstown, Pownal, Hoosick Falls, Eagle Bridge, Johnsonville, Valley Falls, Schaghticoke, Melrose, Lansingburgh, Troy, Rensselaer * Schoharie Line: (Regional rail, 11 stations) Middleburgh, Schoharie, Delanson, Duanesburg, Princetown, Rotterdam, Schenectady Rail Station, Glenville, Elnora, Ushers, Mechanicville
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