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A realistic Hyperloop Project Idea USA by
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Map type: extra long distance | Total track length: 5318 miles | Center coordinate: 37.78267108205853, -88.06182221707017 | * Las Vegas Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 3 stations) Las Vegas, Astronaut Ellison S Onizuka Street, World Way West * San Francisco Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 3 stations) Astronaut Ellison S Onizuka Street, Network Circle, 250 Montgomery St * Yellow Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 2 stations) West B Street, Astronaut Ellison S Onizuka Street * East Cost Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 6 stations) Microsoft Innovation and Policy Center, South Charles Street, SEPTA MFL/TRL 13th Street Station, John Fitch Way, Broad Street, 8th Avenue * Orange Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 5 stations) North State Street, Michigan Avenue, East 4th Street, Bigelow Boulevard, Microsoft Innovation and Policy Center * Florida Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 6 stations) Northwest 1st Street, Southwest 8th Street, South Chillingworth Drive, Jackson Street, North Liberty Street, Cooper Street Southwest * Houston to Kansas City: (Metro/rapid transit, 5 stations) Harrison Street, West River Boulevard, Exchange Avenue, Main Street, Walker Street * New York-Vermont Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 5 stations) Boulevard De Maisonneuve Ouest, Taylor Street, Madison Avenue, North Broadway, 8th Avenue * Boston - Upstate NY: (Metro/rapid transit, 6 stations) Quincy Street, Bittner Street, South Warren Street, Madison Avenue, Worcester City Hall, MA Department Of Environmental Protection * Minneapolis LIne: (Metro/rapid transit, 2 stations) North State Street, Hennepin Avenue * Toronto to Buffalo: (Metro/rapid transit, 2 stations) The Half House, Quincy Street * Southeast Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 5 stations) Microsoft Innovation and Policy Center, Porter Street, Northern Wake Expressway, Buchanan Street, Cooper Street Southwest * Denver Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 2 stations) Race Street, W 200 S * Phoenix Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 2 stations) Las Vegas, South 5th Avenue
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