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7 lines, 38 stations
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  1. MetroDreamin' by SpaceboyYT
  2. Built from scratch


Estes Park, Colorado, United States by
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Map type: local | Total track length: 13 miles | Center coordinate: 40.37960142960198, -105.51857367217538 | * Red Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 7 stations) Station Name, West Park Center, Tregent Park, Big Horn & Elkhorn, Bond Park/Downtown, Thirty Below Leather, Estes Park Visitors Center * Green Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 1 stations) Estes Park Visitors Center * Blue Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 11 stations) Good Samaritan (Estes Park Village), Salud Family Health Center, Crossroads Ministry, Dry Gulch, Lake Estes Marina, Antonio’s Pizza, Quality Inn, Best Western Silver Saddle, Stanley Heights Subdivision, Lower Stanley Village, Estes Park Visitors Center * Brown Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 1 stations) Estes Park Visitors Center * Gold Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 10 stations) Fall River Visitor Center, McGregor Mountain Lodge, Estes Park Condos, Timber Creek Chalets, Aspen Winds, Homestead Lane, Stonebrook Resort, Nicky’s Resort & Steakhouse, The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park Visitors Center * Silver Line - 1: (Metro/rapid transit, 8 stations) The Pines Apartments, Golf Course, Estes Park Community Center, Solitude Cabins, Powelly, The Pines Apartments, Estes Park Health, Estes Park Visitors Center * Orange Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 8 stations) Comanche Street, 2nd St, North Court, Estes Park Events Complex, Dollar General, Comanche Street, The Ridgeline Hotel, Estes Park Visitors Center
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