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United States Rail (NWR Edition) (AK, HI, & Islands) by
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If anyone knows what NWR Station Girdwood, Talkeetna, Healy, & Denali Park is in, leave a comment! Here is the US Rail, except stations are placed where the NOAA Weather Radio Transmitters and Cities are located. This focuses on Alaska & Hawaii + The other islands.
Map type: extra long distance | Total track length: 5471 miles | Center coordinate: 51.007012811264424, -140.806310039843 | * Alaska Railroad: (Regional rail, 9 stations) Fairbanks (Alaska Railroad) (WXJ81), Healy, Alaska Railroad Denali Park Depot, Talkeetna Rail Depot, Wasilla Train Depot (KZZ98), Anchorage (Alaska Railroad) (KEC43), Girdwood Train Station, Whittier (KXI29), Alaska Railroad Seward Depot (KEC81) * Aleutian/Saint Paul Island Line: (Regional rail, 17 stations) Saint Paul Island (KJY73), Cold Bay Transmitter (KJY87) (Temporarily Closed), Cold Bay Downtown (KJY87) (Temporarily Closed), Sand Point Downtown (WNG714), Sand Point Transmitter (WNG714), Middle Cape (WZ2556) (Temporarily Closed), Cape Gull (WNG529), Bede Mountain (WNG528), Homer Downtown (WXJ24), Homer Transmitter (WXJ24), Ninilchik Downtown (KZZ97), Ninilchik Transmitter (KZZ97), Soldotna Downtown (WWG39), Soldotna Transmitter (WWG39), National Weather Service Anchorage Transmitter (KEC43), Anchorage (Downtown Transit Center) (KEC43), Anchorage (Alaska Railroad) (KEC43) * Kodiak Line: (Regional rail, 8 stations) Marmot Island (WNG716), Kodiak Downtown (WXJ78), Pillar Mtn. (WNG531), Kodiak Transmitter (WXJ78), Raspberry Island (KZZ90), Cape Gull (WNG529), Middle Cape (WZ2556) (Temporarily Closed), Sitkinak Dome (WNG718) * Utqiagvik Line: (Regional rail, 14 stations) Utqiagvik Transmitter (KZZ53), Utqiagvik Downtown (KZZ53), Kotzebue Downtown (KWN30), Kotzebue Transmitter (KWN30), Nome (WXJ62), Bethel Transmitter (WNG675), Bethel Downtown (WNG675), Dillingham (WNG681), Sand Point Transmitter (WNG714), Sand Point Downtown (WNG714), Cold Bay Downtown (KJY87) (Temporarily Closed), Cold Bay Transmitter (KJY87) (Temporarily Closed), Unalaska Transmitter (WXK89), Unalaska Downtown (WXK89) * Seward-Rugged Island Connector: (Metro/rapid transit, 3 stations) Rugged Island (WNG526), Seward Downtown (KEC81), Alaska Railroad Seward Depot (KEC81) * Purple Line: (Regional rail, 13 stations) Seward Transmitter (KEC81), Seward Downtown (KEC81), Alaska Railroad Seward Depot (KEC81), Cape Hinchinbrook (WNG532), Cordova (WXJ79), Valdez (WXJ63), Glennallen Transmitter (KPS503), Glennallen (KPS503), Fairbanks (Max C. Lyon Transit Center) (WXJ81), Fairbanks (Alaska Railroad) (WXJ81), Fairbanks Transmitter (WXJ81), Nenana Transmitter (KPS504), Nenana Downtown (KPS504) * Alaska Panhandle Line: (Regional rail, 18 stations) Anchorage (Alaska Railroad) (KEC43), Girdwood Train Station, Whittier (KXI29), Point Pigot (KZZ93), East Point (WNG530), Cordova (WXJ79), Yakutat Downtown (WXK69), Yakutat Airport/Transmitter (WXK69), Haines Downtown (WXM97), Mt. Robert Barron (KZZ87), Juneau (Downtown Transit Center) (WXJ25), Cape Fanshaw (KZZ88), Zarembo Island (KZZ91), Wrangell (WXJ83), Ketchikan Transmitter (WXJ26), Gravina Island (KZZ96), Ketchikan Downtown (WXJ26), Duke Island * Sitka Line: (Regional rail, 10 stations) Juneau (Downtown Transit Center) (WXJ25), Mt. Robert Barron (KZZ87), Duffield Peninsula (WZ2555), Sitka Downtown (WXJ80), Bioreactor Island (Sitka Transmitter) (WXJ80), Mt. McArthur (KZZ95), Craig (KXI80), Blanket Island, Gravina Island (KZZ96), Ketchikan Downtown (WXJ26) * Hawaii Connector: (Regional rail, 10 stations) Kauai (Koke’e) (WWG74), Kauai (Waimea Canyon State Park) (WWG74), Lihue Downtown (WZ2557), Lihue Transmitter (WZ2557), Oahu (Mt. Kaala) (KBA99), Hawaii Kai (WWF39), Maui (Mt. Haleakala) (WWG75), North Kohala Transmitter (WZ2540), North Kohala (Waimea) (WZ2540), South Point (WWG27) * American Samoa Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 3 stations) Pago Pago Downtown (WNG710), Pago Pago Transmitter (WNG710), Mt. Olotele (WZ2529) * Teal Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 3 stations) St. Thomas Transmitter (WZ2561), San Juan Transmitter (WXJ69), Maricao (WXJ68) * Guam Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 2 stations) Guam (Mount Alutom) (WXM85), Dededo (WXM85) * Manleyville Connector: (Metro/rapid transit, 3 stations) Cape Fanshaw (KZZ88), Manleyville (KAD96), Sitka Downtown (WXJ80) * Beige Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 4 stations) Haines Transmitter (WXM97), Haines Downtown (WXM97), Mt. Robert Barron (KZZ87), Althorp Peak (KZZ86) * Maroon Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 4 stations) Valdez (WXJ63), Potato Point (WNG527), Point Pigot (KZZ93), Whittier (KXI29) * Mint Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 2 stations) Wasilla Train Depot (KZZ98), Wasilla Transmitter (KZZ98) * Olive Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 2 stations) Tuklung Mtn. (WNG525), Dillingham (WNG681) * Apricot Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 2 stations) Nome Transmitter (WXJ62), Nome (WXJ62) * Navy Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 2 stations) San Juan Transmitter (WXJ69), San Juan Downtown (WXJ69)
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