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Map type: local | Total track length: 55 miles | Center coordinate: 48.748989795112614, -122.49374041158828 | * Squalicum Line - Light Rail Metro: (Metro/rapid transit, 11 stations) Lake Whatcom, Whatcom Falls Park, Alabama Hill, Barkley Village, Roosevelt, Sunnyland / James St., Bellingham High School, Downtown / Railroad Avenue, Boulevard Park, Fairhaven, Fairhaven Park * (1) Fairhaven Line: (BRT/tram, 17 stations) Fairhaven Transportation Center, Harris Ave & 9th St, 10th St & McKenzie Ave, Donovan Ave & 12th St, 12th St & McKenzie Ave, 12th St & Mill Ave, Finnegan Way & 11th St, 11th St & Fillmore Ave, 11th St & Bennett Ave, 11th St & Easton Ave, State St & 12th St, South Hill, State St & 14th St, Boulevard & 500 Block, Boulevard & Wharf, State St & Chestnut St, WTA Bellingham Station * (14) University Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 18 stations) 12th St & McKenzie Ave, Donovan Ave & 12th St, Old Fairhaven Pkwy & 14th St, Harris Ave & 15th St, Harris Ave & 17th St, Larrabee Elementary School, Happy Valley, 21st St & Knox Ave, 21st St & Taylor Ave, Bill McDonald Pkwy & Campus Services, Bill McDonald Pkwy & Rec Center, Highland Dr & Ridgeway, Viking Union, High St & Nash Hall, Sehome, Billy Frank Jr St & Holly St, York, WTA Bellingham Station * (105) University Line - Fork: (Metro/rapid transit, 37 stations) Chuckanut Center, Chuckanut & Fairhaven Park, Chuckanut & Robin, Willow & Chuckanut, Willow & Cypress, Willow & Lyla, Willow & Clark, Fieldston & Hawthorne, Hawthorne & Middlefield, Hawthorne & Bayside, Chuckanut Center, Old Fairhaven Pkwy & 14th St, Old Fairhaven Pkwy & 16th St, Old Fairhaven Pkwy & 20th St, Old Fairhaven Pkwy & 22nd St, Old Fairhaven Pkwy & 24th St, Old Fairhaven Pkwy & 2700 Block, 30th St & Cowgill Ave, Donovan Ave & 31st St, 32nd St & McKenzie Ave, 32nd St & Taylor Ave, 32nd St & Rosewood Villa, 32nd St & Adams Ave, Fielding Ave & 36th St, Bill McDonald Pkwy & Samish Way, Bill McDonald Pkwy & Birnam Wood, Bill McDonald Pkwy & Ferry Ave, Bill McDonald Parkway & Buchanan Towers, Bill McDonald Pkwy & Campus Services, Bill McDonald Pkwy & Rec Center, Highland Dr & Ridgeway, Viking Union, High St & Nash Hall, Sehome, Billy Frank Jr St & Holly St, York, WTA Bellingham Station * Lincoln Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 0 stations) * (15) Cordata / WCC Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 16 stations) WTA Cordata Station, Bellis Fair Mall, Meridian & Baker, Meridian & Orchard, Meridian & Victor, Meridian & Oregon, Meridian & Illinois, Meridian & North, Meridian & Broadway, Girard & J St, Girard & G St, Girard & C St, Commercial & Young, Commercial & Central, Champion & Unity, WTA Bellingham Station * Sudden Valley Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 0 stations) * Mount Vernon Line: (Regional rail, 2 stations) Lincoln Creek Park & Ride, WTA Bellingham Station * Lummi Line - BRT: (Metro/rapid transit, 17 stations) Lakewood Lodge and Boathouse, Lake Whatcom Blvd, Geneva, GuestHouse Inn Bellingham, Billy Frank Jr St & Holly St, Downtown / Railroad Avenue, Broadway/J St, Columbia/West St, Bellingham Technical College, Marine Drive Market, Old Marine, East Marietta, Lummi/Northwest Indian College, Tribal Administration Center, Eagle Haven, MacKenzie, Ferry Dock * (3A) Airport Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 29 stations) Bellingham Airport, Airport Way & Bakerview, Airport Dr & Airport Way, Airport & Bennett, McLeod, Cherrywood, Alderwood, McAlpine, 3100 Block, Cedarwood, Bennett & Marine, Marine & Illinois, Lindbergh & Eldridge, Bellingham Technical College, Eldridge Avenue, Eldridge & Lafayette, Eldridge & Keesling, Eldridge & Jaeger, Henry Street, Eldridge & Williams, Eldridge & Walnut, J St, H St, D St, Holly & Central, Champion & Prospect, Champion & Grand, Champion & Unity, WTA Bellingham Station * (4A) Hospital Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 15 stations) The Willows, Levin Lane & Cancer Center, Levin Lane & St. Francis, Squalicum Parkway & Levin Lane, Squalicum Parkway & Ellis, Ellis & Sunset, Sunset & Illinois, Cornwall & Broadway, Cornwall & North, Alabama & Grant, James & Texas, James & Kentucky, State & Meador, Forest & Ellis, WTA Bellingham Station * Bakeview Spur Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 0 stations) * North Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 0 stations) * (50) Gooseberry Point Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 0 stations) * (72X) Kendall Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 0 stations) * 3B: (Metro/rapid transit, 10 stations) WTA Cordata Station, Westerly & Cordata, Eliza, Darby, Palisade, Fred Meyer, Airport & Bennett, Bakerview & Maplewood, Airport Way & Bakerview, Bellingham Airport
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