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6 lines, 75 stations
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Map type: local | Total track length: 44 miles | Center coordinate: 47.4697944940383, -122.28670502716676 | * 1 Line: (BRT/tram, 21 stations) Northgate, Roosevelt, U District, University of Washington LINK Station, Capitol Hill, Westlake, University St, Pioneer Square, International District/Chinatown LINK Station, Stadium LINK Station, SODO LINK Station, 26th Avenue South, Mount Baker LINK Station, Columbia City LINK Station, Othello, Rainier Beach LINK Station, South Station / Southcenter Blvd & Park Place, 42nd Ave South, Tukwila International Blvd Station, SeaTac/Airport LINK Station, Angle Lake * 2 Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 0 stations) * F Line (LRT): (BRT/tram, 31 stations) Burien Transit Center, 152nd St, 4th Ave & 156th St, 1st Ave, 4th Ave, 154th-156th Sts & Des Moines Memorial, 154th St & Air Cargo Rd/ 24th Ave, 32nd Ave, Tukwila International Blvd Station, 42nd Ave South, South Station / Southcenter Blvd & Park Place, 53rd Ave, 61st Ave, 62nd Ave, Tukwila Parkway & Andover Park West, 65th Ave, 66th Ave, Tukwila Sounder / Amtrak Station (TUK), 27th St & Naches, Oakesdale Ave & Boeing Cag, 16th St & Lind Ave, Grady Way, Lind Ave & 7th St, 7th St & Rainier Ave, 4th Place, Rainier Ave & 3rd St, Renton Transit Center, Logan Ave & 3rd St / Renton Stadium, 6th St, Logan Ave & 10th St, The Landing * A Line (LRT): (BRT/tram, 27 stations) Federal Way Transit Center, 316th St & Pacific Hwy, 312th St, 308th St, Dash Point, 288th St, 276th St, 272nd St, 268th St, 260th St, 252nd St, 246th St, 240th St, Kent Des Moines, 224th St, International Blvd/Pacific Hwy & 216th St, 208th St, Angle Lake/200th St, 195th St, 192nd St, 188th St, International Blvd & SeaTac Airport Arrivals, International Blvd & Northwest Kidney Centers, SeaTac Airport, 170th St, 160th St, Tukwila International Blvd Station * N Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 0 stations) * S Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 0 stations)
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