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Map type: local | Total track length: 84 miles | Center coordinate: 17.263442979273123, -62.68717602367975 | * Red Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 33 stations) Port Zante, Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport, Conaree, Canada, Keys, Cayon, Grange, Nichola Town, Mansion, Tabernacle, Belle Vue, Saint John Capisterre, Parson’s Ground, Dieppe Bay Town, Saint Paul Capisterre, Newton Ground, Fig Tree, Sandy Point Town, Sandy Point Sporting Complex, Fort Charles, Brimstone Hill, Halfway Tree, Middle Island, Verchilds, Old Road Town, Challengers, Boyds, Ross University School, University of Medicenes and Health Sciences, Brumaire/Buckley’s Estate, Orchid, Irish Town, Port Zante * Green Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 17 stations) Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport, Conaree, Conaree Hills, Lucas, Saint Kitts Golf Club, Kittian Village, Sir Timothy’s Hill, Carambola Beach Club, Sundance Ridge, Olivia’s Beach, Kalypso, The Salt Ponds, Sand Bank Beach, Anthony’s Hill, Turtle Beach, Fleming Estate, Spice Mill * Yellow Line (Streetcar): (Local bus, 6 stations) Central Forest Reserve National Park, Orange Hill, Wingfield, Railroad Bar & Grill, Tyler Williams Primary School, Old Road Town * Blue Line (Light Rail): (BRT/tram, 24 stations) Central Forest Reserve National Park, Phillips, Molineux, Bourryeau, Lodge, Ottley’s, Windsor University, Cayon, Bayford’s, East Ogees, Parry’s, Upper New Road - Main Rd, Upper New Road, Edgar Bridgewater, Cecil Roberts, New Road, Lower New Road, St. Peter’s, BMTF, Island Main & Shadwell Roundabout, Orchid/Shadwell, Fern, Flamboyant, Orchid * Blue Line (Light Rail) - Monkey Hill Branch: (BRT/tram, 18 stations) Orchid, Flamboyant, Fern, Orchid/Shadwell, Island Main & Shadwell Roundabout, BMTF, St. Peter’s, Monkey Hill, Central Ogees, Bayford’s, Cayon, Windsor University, Ottley’s, Lodge, Bourryeau, Molineux, Phillips, Central Forest Reserve National Park * Orange Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 17 stations) Spice Mill, Fleming Estate, Turtle Beach, Anthony’s Hill, Sand Bank Beach, The Salt Ponds, Kalypso, Olivia’s Beach, Sundance Ridge, Carambola Beach Club, Sir Timothy’s Hill, Silver Reef, Suncrest, Bird Rock Beach, The Moorings, Bird Rock Rd, Port Zante * Purple Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 40 stations) Sunrise Beach, Vance W. Armory International Airport, Newcastle, Rawlins, Camps, Burnaby, Medical University of the Americas, Brick Kiln, Butlers Estate, Butlers, Esmie’s Sunrise, Drag Raceway, New River, Golden Rock, Dasent Estate, Market Shop, Gabriella, Brown Pasture, Church Ground, Figtree, Cane Garden, Brown Hill, Prospect, Bath, Supermarket, Museum of Nevis History, Craddocks, Sunset Hill/Four Seasons, Robert Trent Jones II, St. Thomas, Paradise Beach, Cotton Ground, Coconut Grove, Westbury, Tamarind Cove, Fort Ashby Ruins, The Gin Trap, Oualie Beach, Hurricane Cove Bungalows, Spice Mill * Spring Hill Streetcar: (Local bus, 7 stations) Vance W. Armory International Airport, Newcastle, Ocean View, Mt. Nevis, Monrey, Spring Hill, Westbury * Magenta Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 8 stations) St. Thomas, Mahogany Hill Estates, Poinciana Estates, Fern Hill, Fern Hill East, Barnes Ghaut, Paradise Beach, St. Thomas
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