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Bellingham, Washington, United States - Possible Metro Line Ideas by
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A map comprised of at-grade or elevated grade transit lines that could possibly be done, expect instances of eminent domain in certain parts... Squalicum Line - Some info: Following the old historic railroad trail, a perfect right of way can be established in those parts of the trail and really boost the mobility of citizens around Bellingham. Its an unorthodox choice considering the lines shape, however it serves a well spread area that fits with the chaos of Bellinghams road network. Both ends of the line terminate at parks, which fits the easy access to outdoors vibe that this town has. Citizens in downtown or Fairhaven, being urban villages, would be able to get around more efficiently without the congestion busses face. Stations: -Lake Whatcom -Alabama Hills -Barkley Village -Roosevelt -Sunnyland / James St. -Bellingham High School -Downtown / Railroad Avenue -Boulevard Park -Fairhaven -Fairhaven Park
Map type: local | Total track length: 28 miles | Center coordinate: 48.75478632302087, -122.50020880692958 | * Squalicum Line - Light Rail Metro: (Metro/rapid transit, 11 stations) 16th Street, 10th Street, Bayview Drive, Railroad Avenue, Iowa Street, GaPac, Valhalla Street, Newmarket Street, Erie Street, Rhododendron Way, Electric Avenue * Lummi Line - BRT: (Metro/rapid transit, 16 stations) Lummi View Drive, Lummi View Drive, Haxton Way, Kwina Road, Kwina Road, Marine Drive, Marine Drive, Marine Drive, Lindbergh Avenue, West Street, West Holly Street, East Holly Street, Lakeway Drive, Cable Street, Lake Whatcom Boulevard, Lake Whatcom Boulevard
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