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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States by
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Map type: local | Total track length: 62 miles | Center coordinate: 39.13301650440314, -84.52680242930549 | * Red Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 20 stations) Delhi Pike, Delhi Road, Delhi Road, Delhi Road, Elberon Avenue, Glenway Avenue, Richmond St, W 9th St, Elm Street, Elliot Street, Highland Avenue, Midwest Eye Center: A Division of TriState Centers for Sight, Emporia Street, Martin Luther King Jr Drive East, Hallwood Place, Washington Avenue, Washington Avenue, Langley Avenue, Jefferson Avenue, City Park Drive * Green Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 15 stations) Clifton Avenue, Clifton Avenue, Clifton Avenue, Probasco Street, West Mcmillan Avenue, Renner Street, East Mcmicken Avenue, Vine Street, Elliot Street, Sentinel Street, USS Nightmare, West Fifth Street, Scott Boulevard, Scott Boulevard, Scott Boulevard * Yellow Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 20 stations) Peabody Avenue, Red Bank Expressway, Brotherton Road, Ridge Avenue, Minot Avenue, Eileen Drive, Edwards Road, Madison Road, Evanston Avenue, Newton Avenue, Glenwood Avenue, Thomas Niederhelman DDS & Associates General Dentistry, Hallwood Place, Piedmont Avenue, Euclid Avenue, Corry Boulevard, West Mcmillan Avenue, Fairview Park Road, Spring Grove Avenue, Queen City Avenue * Blue Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 17 stations) Taylor Avenue, Walnut Street, Eden Avenue, Luray Avenue, Thompson Hall and Jordan Funeral Home, Emporia Street, Euclid Avenue, Probasco Street, Hopple Street Viaduct, Beekman Street, Baltimore Avenue, Baker Avenue, Harrison Avenue, Harrison Avenue, Montana Avenue, Harrison Avenue, Lovell Avenue * Orange Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 22 stations) Third Avenue, Eighth Avenue, Walnut Street, East Fourth Street, World Peace Bell Center, West Fifth Street, Brent Spence Square, Crescent Avenue, Swain Court, Altamont Road, Forest Avenue, Glenway Avenue, Considine Avenue, Wessels Avenue, Sunset Avenue, Glenway Avenue, Glenway Avenue, Sidney Road, Crookshank Road, Glenway Avenue, Glenmore Avenue, Lovell Avenue * Purple Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 24 stations) Lovell Avenue, Churchview Lane, Ridgewood Avenue, North Bend Road, North Bend Road, Epley Lane, Fawnridge Court, Floridale Lane, Colerain Avenue, Colerain Avenue, Colerain Avenue, Colerain Avenue, Colerain Avenue, Cherry Street, Bercliff Avenue, West Mitchell Avenue, Wuest Street, Langley Avenue, East Mitchell Avenue, Glenwood Avenue, Pleasant View Avenue, Dexter Avenue, Collins Avenue, Third Avenue
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