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2 lines, 28 stations
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  1. MetroDreamin' by HRVKZHCommuter
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Jinhua Rail Transit | 金华轨道交通 by
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Map type: regional | Total track length: 63 miles | Center coordinate: 29.233415708670012, 119.9744460041253 | * 金义线 | Jinyi Line: (Regional rail, 16 stations) 金华站 | Jinhua Railway Station, 双溪西路 | West Shuangxi Rd, 八一南街 | South Bayi St, 万达广场 | Wanda Plaza, 大堰河街 | Dayanhe St, 轨道大厦 | Railway Building, 金华南站 | Jinhuanan Railway Station, 塘雅 | Tangya, 综保区 | Comprehensive Bonded Zone, 新区 | Xinqu, 东华街 | Donghua St, 义亭 | Yiting, 官塘 | Guantang, 稠江 | Choujiang, 绣湖 | Xiuhu, 秦塘 | Qintang * 义东线 | Yidong Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 13 stations) 义乌站 | Yiwu Railway Station, 凌云 | Lingyun, 春晗 | Chunhan, 秦塘 | Qintang, 国际商贸城 | International Trade Center, 浙医四院 | The Fourth Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine, 江东 | Jiangdong, 木雕城 | Woodcarvings Center, 歌山路 | Geshan Rd, 人民路 | Renmin Rd, 会展中心 | Conference and Exhibition Center, 体育馆 | Sports Center, 明清宫 | Ming and Qing Dynasty Palaces
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