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9 lines, 95 stations
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Map type: regional | Total track length: 554 miles | Center coordinate: 33.80673945528691, -84.3194950217599 | * Red Line: (Regional rail, 9 stations) J.Crew Factory, Scenic Highway, Snellville Pavilion, Moon Street, North Decatur Road, Atlanta Civic Center, North Inner Loop Road, Washington Street, Commerce Drive * Steel Blue Line: (Regional rail, 12 stations) Lanier Parkway, Historic Downtown Buford, Old Milton Parkway, Hill Street, Sandy Springs, Apple Valley Road, Merry Lane Northeast, North Decatur Road, Atlanta Civic Center, State Street Northwest, Collier Drive Northwest, Stewart Street * Green Line: (Regional rail, 12 stations) Old River Road Southeast, Moon Station Road, Rigby Street Northeast, Sandy Springs, Triangle Parkway, Old Medlock Bridge Road, Church Street, Scenic Highway, Snellville Pavilion, Redan Circle, Candler Road, North Inner Loop Road * Yellow Line: (Regional rail, 11 stations) Martin Farm Road, Old Medlock Bridge Road, Old Milton Parkway, Hill Street, Rigby Street Northeast, Old Concord Road Southeast, Collier Drive Northwest, North Inner Loop Road, North Lake Drive, Woodhaven Drive, Keys Road * Beige Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 21 stations) Rigby Street Northeast, Barber Road, Old Concord Road Southeast, Spring Street Southeast, Heritage Court Southeast, River Oaks Drive Southeast, Georgia Academy Of Music, Brookview Drive Northwest, Al-Farooq Mosque, 10th Street Northwest, State Street Northwest, Atlanta Civic Center, Five Points, Central Avenue Southwest, Oakland Avenue Southeast, Park Avenue Southeast, Moreland Avenue Southeast, Moreland Avenue Southeast, Grant Road, North Lake Drive, Hammack Drive * Black Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 19 stations) West Spring Street, Atlanta Highway, Snellville Pavilion, Silver Hill Road, Main Street, Vaughn Street, Scottdale, Decatur, Candler Park, Inman Park, Georgia St. University, Five Points, Mangum Street Southwest, Sunset Avenue Northwest, Sells Avenue Southwest, Arthur Street Southwest, Hank Aaron Drive Southwest, Atlanta Avenue Southeast, Moreland Avenue Southeast * Teal Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 15 stations) Atlanta Street, Veterans Memorial Highway Southwest, Stonybrook Court, Bolton Road, Georgia Academy Of Music, Early Street Northwest, Apple Valley Road, New Peachtree Road, Buford Highway, Embry Hills Drive, Moon Street, Lawrenceville Highway, Pleasant Hill Road, Fairlie Drive, Church Street * Orange Line: (Regional rail, 9 stations) Usher Street Northeast, Travis Street Southwest, Woodrow Road, Candler Road, Glenwood Avenue Southeast, Inman Park, Atlanta Civic Center, Early Street Northwest, Sandy Springs * Brown Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 22 stations) Triangle Parkway, Designs In Flowers, Moon Street, Henderson Mill Road Northeast, Oak Grove Road Northeast, Merry Lane Northeast, Bernadette Lane Northeast, Piedmont Road Northeast, MS Center at The Shepherd Center, 26th Street Northwest, Peachtree Street Northeast, 10th Street Northeast, 3rd Street Northeast, The League Tavern, Five Points, Central Avenue Southwest, Crumley Street Southwest, Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard, Sylvan Road, Ashley Way, Dogwood Drive, North Inner Loop Road
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