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Map type: local | Total track length: 147 miles | Center coordinate: 39.134582308365765, -84.49297074965396 | * Red Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 36 stations) Kenwood Towne Centre, Garden, Plainfield, Belkenton, Rogers, Pleasant Ridge, Auten, Highland, Marburg - Oakley, Markbreit, Edmondson - Rockwood, Hazel, Cleneay, Xavier University, Hewitt, Victory, Yale, Windsor, Eden Park, God’s Bible School and College, Hard Rock Casino, 8th, Fountain Square, Paycor Stadium, Parkway, Kenner - Ludlow, Deverill, Delhi - Sedakmsville, Calverton - Delshire, Greenwell, Anderson Ferry, Mount St. Joseph University, Airport, Turfway Casino, Burlington, Florence Mall * Green Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 35 stations) Union Centre, Crescentville, Sharonville, Neumann, Gahl, Vine - Reading, Elizabeth, UC Reading, Section - Roselawn, W 73rd, 67th, Linden, P&G F&HCIC, Washington - St Bernard, Mitchell, Forest, Zoo, University of Cincinnati Hospital, Vine - Corryville, University of Cincinnati, Parker, Findlay Market, W 12th, Garfield, Fountain Square, The Banks, Park - Covington, W 9th, Martin, E 19th, Holmesdale, E 30th, Southern, E 42nd, Northern Kentucky University * Yellow Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 37 stations) EastGate Mall, Clough, Nordyke, Nagel, Anderson Town Center, Altadena, Beacon, Corbly - Mt Washington, Lunken Field, Stites, Delta, St Peters, Kenton, McKinney, Ward, Patchen, Kilgour, Broadway, Fountain Square, Duke Energy Convention Center, Central, TQL Stadium, Linn, Union Terminal, Lower Price Hill, W 8th, Purcell, Carson, Gilsey - West Price Hill, Schiff, Overlook, Sidney, Nova, Mountville, Werk, Westbourne, Bridgetown * Blue Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 30 stations) Monastery - Mt Adams, Luray, Ashland, Woodburn, Bedford, Madison, Hyde Park, Edmondson - Rockwood, Forest, Sherman - Norwood, Ross, Lawn, Yarmouth, Paddock, Imwalle, Washington - St Bernard, Mitchell, Dane, Ludlow, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, Hopple, Marshall, Brighton, Linn, TQL Stadium, Race, Garfield, 8th, Broadway St, Monastery - Mt Adams * Orange Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 35 stations) Northern Kentucky University, Sunset, Holly Woods, Fort Thomas VA Medical Center, Summit, Fort Thomas Hospital, Linden, Carothers, E 9th, Newport, Pete Rose, The Banks, Fountain Square, 8th, 14th, Walker, Wellington, University of Cincinnati, Good Samaritan Hospital, Clifton, Morrison, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, Ludlow, Pullan, Frederick, Ashtree, Windemere, Linden, North Bend, Belmar, Galbraith, Joseph, Mt Healthy, Compton, Northgate Mall * Purple Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 34 stations) Kings Island, Cintas, Socialville–Fosters, Mason, Natorp, Governors Hill, Kemper, Cornell, Blue Ash, Cooper, Bayberry, Kenwood Towne Centre, Marburg - Oakley, Edmondson - Rockwood, Xavier University, Victory, 8th, Fountain Square, The Banks, Park - Covington, W 5th, Pike, Linden, Jefferson, Kyles, Fort Mitchell, Highland, Buttermilk, Crestview Hills Town Center, Kenton Lands, Stevenson, Eastern, Dixie, Florence Mall
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