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Map type: local | Total track length: 158 miles | Center coordinate: 30.308646431420076, -81.61969093938316 | * Red Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 45 stations) Citicards Way, Baptist Medical Center, Philips Industrial, Timberwood, The Avenues Mall, Gramercy Woods, Shad, Sunbeam, Baymeadows, Baymeadows - Deerwood Center, A. C. Skinner, St. Vincent’s Southside Hospital, Southpoint, Toledo, University Square, Colgate, University, Grosvenor Square, San Jose, Thomas, Parkwood, Lordun, Pearson, San Marco, Cedar, Riverplace, Bay, Rosa L. Parks, Phelps, 5th, 10th, 19th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 61st, Sycamore, Zoo, Ford, Busch, Eastport, New Berlin, River City Marketplace, UF Health North, Airport * Green Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 37 stations) Devoe, Bull Bay, Jim Wright, Suemac, Lane Ave, Odessa, Palm, Prospect, Ontario, McDuff, Line, Robinson, Tyler - New Town, LaVilla, Monroe, Bay, Newnan, Marsh, TIAA Bank Field, Rio St Johns, Colcord, North, Arlington, Townsend, Century, Regency Square Mall, Debutante, Saint Johns Bluff, Sutton Lakes, Kernan, Girvin, Atlantic / Hodges, Hodges, San Pablo, 20th, S 12th, Beach * Skyway: (BRT/tram, 5 stations) LaVilla, Jefferson, Central, Hemming Plaza, Rosa L. Parks * Skyway - Southbank Fork: (BRT/tram, 6 stations) Kings Ave., Riverplace, San Marco, Central, Hemming Plaza, Rosa L. Parks * Yellow Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 41 stations) Kernan / McCormick, McCormick, Derringer, Saint Johns Bluff - Holly Oaks, Jane, Hartsfield, Wedgefield, Townsend / Merrill, Pine Summit, Red Oak, Jacksonville University, Talleyrand - Fairfield, Franklin, E 6th, E 1st, Ocean, Central, Forest - Brooklyn, Post, Copeland, St. Vincent’s Riverside Medical Center, McDuff, Talbot, Dancy, FSCJ Kent Campus, Melrose, San Juan - Lakeshore, Wilson, Harlow, Timuquana, 118th, Townsend, Collins, Youngerman, Orange Park Mall, Edson, Orange Park Medical Center, Robin, Camp Francis Johnson, College, Tanglewood * Blue Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 34 stations) 40th, San Pablo, Mayo Clinic, Sutton Park, Chets Creek, Kernan / Hunters Haven, University of North Florida, Sunset Gates, Saint Johns Town Center, Gate, Centurion, Gate, Newton, Parental Home, Burkholder, Memorial Hospital, Art Museum, Midtown Center, Camden, Traymore, Atlantic, Riverplace, Bay, Churh, Davis, Whitner, Fairfax, Danson, Division, W 25th, Train Station, Soutel, Finch, Trout River * Purple Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 30 stations) 103rd - Jacksonville Heights, Old Middleburg, Patou, Fouraker, Memorial Park, Lane / Normandy, Vincent, Woodruff, Wolfe, Nelson, Old Roosevelt, King, Stockton, Riverside Park, Forest - Brooklyn, Central, Rosa L. Parks, W 3rd, UF Medical Center, W 16th, W 26th, W 35th, W 45th, Rowe, Palmdale, Soutel / Ribault, Lem Turner, Calebs Cove, Dunn - Garden City, Armsdale * Cyan Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 20 stations) Sawgrass Village, Summerfield, Solana, Ponte Vedra, Ponte Vedra Lakes, 40th, Saint Augustine, 15th, 7th, Beach, 7th, 15th, Myra, Bay, Atlantic, 10th, Coral, Mayport, Mazama, Mayport Naval Station * Skyway - Southbank Fork - Medical Center Fork: (BRT/tram, 4 stations) Baptist Medical Center, Central, Hemming Plaza, Rosa L. Parks * Skyway - East Fork: (BRT/tram, 5 stations) LaVilla, Jefferson, Central, Bay, Newnan * Skyway - Brooklyn Fork: (BRT/tram, 9 stations) Margaret, Post, Riverside Arts Market, Forest - Brooklyn, Stonewall, Leila Street, Central, Hemming Plaza, Rosa L. Parks
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