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Just for fun. This is only the 2-digit ones that end with 5 and 0. Note that there are not Interstates 50 or 60, for some reason. Maybe some day North Dakota will be serviced. I only went as far as to have the 'stations' as the cities where Wikipedia lists the 'major junctions' of each Interstate.
Map type: extra long distance | Total track length: 23732 miles | Center coordinate: 37.30603666373788, -94.35500401512826 | * I-5: (Metro/rapid transit, 10 stations) East Beyer Boulevard, Lauretta Street, Naud Street, Dorothy Adamo Ln, Albany-Corvallis Highway, Northwest 20th Avenue, Washington Street Northeast, 9th Avenue, 26th Place, 0 Avenue * I-10: (Metro/rapid transit, 12 stations) Main Street, Northwest Lake Jeffery Road, Winbush, West 5th Street, Eastex Freeway, Mcilvaine Street, Kokernot Creek Road, Spitz Street, West Roosevelt Street, East Main Street, Naud Street, Santa Monica Beach Tower 6 * I-15: (Metro/rapid transit, 10 stations) Interstate 15, Labrador Run, East Lewis Street, Utah Highway 30, Homies Burgers and Shakes, East 600 North Street, North 1st Street, Buena Vista Street, East Main Street, Lauretta Street * I-20: (Metro/rapid transit, 10 stations) Elmore Street, Laurel Street, Juniper Street Northeast, I 65, Greenwich Street, George Road, Yoga Pod Dallas, East 4th Street, North Front Street, Kokernot Creek Road * I-25: (Metro/rapid transit, 8 stations) South Cedar Street, Opportunity Boulevard, Richardson Court, Court Place, West Uintah Street, Lincoln Street, Atrisco Drive Northwest, Spitz Street * I-30: (Metro/rapid transit, 6 stations) South Maple Street, East 13th Street, East Kearney Street, Yoga Pod Dallas, East 4th Street, North Front Street * I-35: (Metro/rapid transit, 8 stations) East Orange Street, Southeast Marshall Street, Vista Drive, Jarboe Street, Northwest 11th Street, North 11th Street, Mcilvaine Street, Tradeint Mexicana * I-40: (Metro/rapid transit, 13 stations) Mears Street, North Market Street, East Margaret Lane, Northfield Street, Hall of Fame Drive, Russell Street, Mississippi River, South Maple Street, Northwest 11th Street, Northwest 20th Avenue, Atrisco Drive Northwest, North Westview Trail, Buena Vista Street * I-45: (Metro/rapid transit, 4 stations) Halliburton Road, Eastex Freeway, Iron Works Health Club, East Kearney Street * I-55: (Metro/rapid transit, 10 stations) 303 E Wacker Parking Garage, West Lois Avenue, Sheridan Street, North 8th Street, North Frisco Street, Mississippi River, US Route 51, Greenwich Street, South Oak Street, West 5th Street * I-65: (Metro/rapid transit, 7 stations) Carolina Street, North Pierson Street, South 5th Street, Russell Street, I 65, Parallel Street, Winbush * I-70: (Metro/rapid transit, 11 stations) Park Avenue, Salem Avenue, Dunning Lane, West Long Street, Riverside Drive, North Pierson Street, North 8th Street, Jeffrey Mark Court, Jarboe Street, Court Place, East 600 North Street * I-75: (Metro/rapid transit, 11 stations) Bull Run Road, North Oregon Avenue, Northwest Lake Jeffery Road, Juniper Street Northeast, Hall of Fame Drive, Heritage Hall East, Riverside Drive, Dixie Highway, Cass Avenue, Niagara Avenue, Parliament Street * I-80: (Metro/rapid transit, 12 stations) Katherine Street, Peace Street, East 5th Street, Dixie Highway, Randolph Street, Carolina Street, West Lois Avenue, Vista Drive, Richardson Court, Homies Burgers and Shakes, Dorothy Adamo Ln, On The Ocean Bay * I-85: (Metro/rapid transit, 9 stations) East Washington Street, East Margaret Lane, Northfield Street, Shore Street, Shore Street, Spring Street, West Main Street, Juniper Street Northeast, Parallel Street * I-90: (Metro/rapid transit, 11 stations) Cambridge Street, Boston Post Road, East 5th Street, Dixie Highway, Randolph Street, Carolina Street, 303 E Wacker Parking Garage, Southeast Marshall Street, South Cedar Street, Labrador Run, 9th Avenue * I-95: (Metro/rapid transit, 12 stations) Customs Loop, Boston Post Road, Katherine Street, Governors Island Ferry, North 27th Street, VCU - Cabaniss Hall, East Washington Street, North Market Street, Elmore Street, Moore Avenue, Main Street, Northwest 9th Street
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