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DRTA: If Detroit Had A Subway (My Take) by
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My First Map To Ever Be Public! This Is The Detroit-River Transportation Authority (DRTA). Serving Detroit, Windsor, And Nearby Suburbs. Try Helping Me In The Comments!
Map type: local | Total track length: 106 miles | Center coordinate: 42.302724119404225, -83.0843506509049 | * Red Line: (Light rail/interurban, 15 stations) Adams, Cadillac Center, Cadillac Square, Jefferson - Millender Center, Festival Plaza, Ouellette, Crawford, Campbell, University Of Windsor, College, Tecumseh, Sun Valley, Armanda, Elgin, LaSalle * Green Line: (Light rail/interurban, 10 stations) Laffayette, Jefferson - Millender Center, Festival Plaza, Erie, Giles, Tecumseh, Eugenie, Grand, Liberty, Cabana * Yellow Line: (Light rail/interurban, 32 stations) Greektown, Campus Martius Park, Fort/Cass, 3rd, Trumbull, Rosa Parks, 18th, Grand, Clark, Anthon, Lafayette, Delray, Delray Junction, Schaefer, Boynton, Outer, University, Lincoln Park, London/Richmond, Emmons, Goddard, Northline/Ford, Commonwealth, Eureka, Taylor Pk, Trenton/Pennsylvania, Williamsburg, Sibley, Greentrees, King, Harrison, Trenton * Blue Line: (Light rail/interurban, 12 stations) Highland Pk, Colorado/Highland, Trowbridge/Calvert, Gladstone/King, Grand, Warren, Willis, Mack, Little Caesars Arena, Elizabeth, Times Sq, Cobo Center * Grose Ile Shuttle - S: (Light rail/interurban, 6 stations) Grose Ile Municipal Airport, Intrepid, Manchester, Parkway, Meridan, Trenton * Grose Ile Shuttle - N: (Light rail/interurban, 7 stations) Parke/Meridan, Bridge, Horsemill, Island Heights, Church, Golf View/Forest Estates, Trenton * Orange Line: (Light rail/interurban, 25 stations) Campus Martius Park, Fort/Cass, 3rd, Trumbull, Rosa Parks, 18th, Grand, Clark, Anthon, Lafayette, Delray, Delray Junction, Oakwood Heights, Dix, Melvindale, Allen, Outer, Pelham, Moore, Taylor, Beech Daly, Ecorse, Middlebelt, Loop, Detroit Metropolitian Wayne County Airport * Purple Line: (Light rail/interurban, 13 stations) Madison, Fisher East, Dubois, Mack, Mt. Elliot, Grand, Baldwin Square, Harper, Georgia, Church, Morgan, Almont, Airport Sub * Expo Line: (Light rail/interurban, 15 stations) Grosse Pointe, Alter, Conner, Lillbridge, Cadillac, Burns, West/Indian Villiages, Grand, Mt. Elliott, Maron, Aubin, University Of Detroit, Cadillac Square, Esplande, Finnancial District * Magenta Line: (Light rail/interurban, 12 stations) Mapleridge, Racine, Conner, Harper, Pingree Park, Baldwin Square, Grand, Mt. Elliot, Mack, Dubois, Fisher East, Bricktown * Lime Line: (Light rail/interurban, 13 stations) Campus Martius Park, Michigan, 3rd, Trumbull, 14th, Grand, Junction/33rd, Edward/Livernois, Martin/Moyes, Claytown, Addison, Oakman, Dearborn * Navy Line: (Light rail/interurban, 13 stations) Madison, Times Sq, Columbia, Temple, Martin Luther King Junior, Calumet, Warren, McGraw, Grand, Mackinaw, Livernois, Oakman, Happy Homes * Pink Line: (Light rail/interurban, 24 stations) Joe Louis Arena, Cobo Center, Michigan, Bagley, Madison, Comercia Park, Bricktown, Jefferson - Millender Center, Festival Plaza, Erie, Giles, Ellis, Hanna, Tecumseh, McDougall, Irvine, Hall, Kildare, Ypres, Grand, Turner, Seymour, Melinda, Windsor International Airport * Windsor Railway: (Regional rail, 11 stations) Windsor, Lincoln, Langlois, Festival Plaza, Art Gallery Of Windsor, Crawford, Century Rock, Sunset, Patterson Park, Brock, Hill
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