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3 lines, 34 stations
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Map type: local | Total track length: 17 miles | Center coordinate: 38.044279447115315, -78.4895106453301 | * Blue Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 18 stations) Charlottesville Airport, Hollymead Town Center, Ridgewood, Woodbrook, Fashion Square, Greenbrier, Hydraulic Road, Emmet Street North, South Barracks, Lambeth - JPJ Arena, Emmet Street South, Newcomb Hall - Central Grounds, Hospital, The Corner, Charlottesville Union Station, McIntire, Water Street East, Downtown Transit Center * Orange Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 17 stations) 5th Street Station, Palatine, Belmont, Levy Avenue, Downtown Transit Center, Water Street East, McIntire, Charlottesville Union Station, The Corner, University Avenue, Emmet Street South, Newcomb Hall - Central Grounds, Jefferson Park Avenue, Fry's Spring, Old Lynchburg Road, Harris Road, Fifth Street Station Parkway * North Crosstown: (Metro/rapid transit, 8 stations) Downtown Transit Center, East High Street, High Street, Preston Avenue, Dairy Market, 14th Street Northwest, North Grounds, Emmet Street South
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