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Red Hook, Brooklyn (but there's decent transportation options) by
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So, similar to my SAS & alternatives idea, had one to improve Red Hook transportation options: -BM4 & B71 were ideas to have more direct service to Lower Manhattan since the best options are a ferry running every half-hour, or taking the bus Downtown which is a minimum of 30 minutes. Bus lanes would be placed along Hamilton Av to allow decent service. B71's Lower Manhattan terminal is to allow enough coverage to the area (ignore the BM4 terminal, it's keeping their respective Downtown/Midtown terminus, I was just feeling lazy). The BM4 would allow for a one seat ride to Lower Manhattan and Midtown for some parts of Red Hook. (If BM4 stops within Red Hook allowed for boarding on/off, could also give one seat rides to Southeast Brooklyn) -B103 & B81 are for direct connections to Midwood & other parts of Southern Brooklyn, really would be a matter of which option: -B81 is just as is from the MTA's BK Redesign Proposal, while the B103 would be a reroute of the existing B103 (or could be a B81 LTD proposal). Under that plan, a BRT style service would exist, with dedicated bus lanes along Hamilton Av, Prospect Expy (BRT-style stops would also be placed at Terrace Pl/11 Av, 7 Av and 4 Av), and Ocean Pkwy (the Foster Av routing is for connectivity but the service could stay along Cortelyou). Centre St and Centre Mall, presently a walking area within the NYCHA Red Hook Houses, would be converted to a busway to allow this BRT service to avoid traffic within Red Hook while also improving connectivity within Red Hook. -B61 as is, with 2 modifications: bus lanes would exist along Atlantic to allow the B61 to enter/exit Downtown quicker. Park Slope-bound B61s would also reroute onto Court St for improved connectivity with the 2/3/4/5 and better access to the commercial area along Court St. A busway would also be created between Clinton St & Hamilton Av and Smith & 9 Sts, allowing easier navigation for buses entering/exiting Red Hook
Map type: local | Total track length: 39 miles | Center coordinate: 40.66081075243741, -73.98655002741583 | * B103 LTD (BRT option): (Tram, 17 stations) Clinton Wharf, Van Brunt Street, Beard Street, Beard Street, Columbia Street, Centre Mall, Centre Mall, Gowanus Expressway (Hov), Prospect Expressway, Prospect Expressway, Prospect Expressway, Ocean Parkway, Ocean Parkway, Ocean Parkway, Foster Avenue, Foster Avenue, Avenue H * B61: (Local bus, 2 stations) Smith Street, Bartel Pritchard Square * B71: (Local bus, 2 stations) Bridge Park Drive, South Street * BM4 Reroute: (Local bus, 2 stations) Gerritsen Avenue, South Street * B81 Lcl: (Tram, 2 stations) Avenue H, Clinton Wharf
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