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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States by
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Map type: local | Total track length: 195 miles | Center coordinate: 35.20202518651397, -80.82966571398943 | * LYNX Blue Line LRT: (Tram, 33 stations) UNC Charlotte-Main, JW Clay/UNCC, McCullough, University City Blvd, Tom Hunter Road, Old Concord Road, Sugar Creek, 36th Street, 25th Street, Parkwood, 11th Street, 9th Street, 7th Street, CTC/Arena, 3rd Street/Convention Center, Brooklyn Village (fm. Stonewall), Carson, Bland, East/West, South End, New Bern, Scaleybark, Woodlawn, Tyvola, Archdale, Arrowood, Sharon Road West, I-485/South Blvd, Centrum, Carolina Place, Ballantyne West, Ballantyne, Community House * CityLYNX Gold Line Streetcar: (Tram, 35 stations) Eastland CTC, Winterfield Place, Rosehaven Drive, Darby Acres, Sheridan Drive, Eastway Drive, Briar Creek Road, Arnold Drive, Morningside Drive, Veterans Park, The Plaza, Clement Avenue, Sunyside, Hawthorne/8th, Hawthorne/5th, Elizabeth/Hawthorne, CPCC Central, McDowell Street, Davidson Street, CTC/Arena, Tryon Street, Mint Street, Gateway Station, Johnson & Wales, Irwin, Wesley Heights, Bruns, Johnson C. Smith University, French Street, Oaklawn Avenue, Russell Avenue, LaSalle Street, Montana Drive, Beatties Ford Road, Rosa Parks CTC * LYNX Silver Line LRT: (Tram, 30 stations) Indian Trail, Stallings, Sportsplex, Downtown Matthews, Matthews Township Parkway, Galleria, McAlpine, Village Lake, Conference, Sharon Amity, Amity Gardens, Coliseum/Ovens, Morningside, Pecan, Central, 11th Street, Graham, Gateway Station, Morehead, Summit, Berryhill, Remount, Ashley, Morris Field, Stafford, Douglas Airport, I-485/Wilkinson Boulevard, Sam Wilson, Wilkinson Boulevard, Belmont * MetroRapid Red Line BRT: (Tram, 11 stations) Mount Mourne, Davidson, Cornelius, Northcross, Huntersville, Hambright, Northlake, Graham, 8th Street, 6th Street, Gateway Station * LYNX Green Line BRT: (Tram, 33 stations) Paw Creek, Toddville, Ranch Road, Edgewood Road, Ashley Road, CPCC CityView/Phillip O'Berry, Camp Greene, Berryhill, Walnut, Cedar, West 4th Street, Truist Field, 3rd/4th/Tryon, 3rd Street/Convention Center, Government Center/3rd/4th/Davidson, 3rd/4th/McDowell, Charlottetowne Avenue, Caswell, Providence Road, Cherokee/Laurel, Myers Park Library, Colville, Wendover, Sharon Lane, Sardis, Lansdowne, Old Providence, Rea/Alexander, Arboretum, Providence Plantation, Kuykendall, McKee, Ardrey Kell/Waverly * LYNX Orange Line BRT: (Tram, 54 stations) Ardrey Kell, Lancaster Highway, Providence Road West, Ballantyne Village, Ballantyne Medical Place, Ballantyne, Toringdon, Carmel, Johnston/51, Birnen, South Mecklenburg HS, Sharon Road West/Gleneagles, Sharon Road, Park South, Park Road Park, Selwyn, Park Road Shopping Center, Princeton/Marsh, Salem Drive, East, Blythe/CMC, Morehead, Pearl Park Way, Aquatic Center, 3rd/4th/McDowell, Government Center/3rd/4th/Davidson, 3rd Street/Convention Center, 3rd/4th/Tryon, Truist Field, West 4th Street, 6th Street, 8th Street, Graham, Dalton/NC Music Factory, Camp/Keswick, Norris/30th, Atando, Starita, Reagan/Cottonwood, Equipment Drive, Sugar Creek, Gibbon, Nevin, Christenbury, Hubbard, Harris, Yorkford, Hucks, Browne Road, Dearmon, Johnston Oehler, Ridge Road, Benfield, Eastfield Village * LYNX Pink Line BRT: (Tram, 28 stations) Mint Hill, Lebanon, Idlewild, Independence, Novant Matthews, Downtown Matthews, West John Street, Fulwood, Sardis, Alexander, Beverly Crest, Arboretum, Raintree, Rea Road, Elm Lane, McAlpine ES, Carmel, Johnston/51, McMullen Creek, Park Cedar, CMC Pineville, Carolina Place, Pineville-Matthews Road, Downtown Pineville, Stateview P/R (new), Carowinds, Choate, Carowinds Blvd * LYNX Belt Line BRT: (Tram, 27 stations) Sugar Creek, WIlson Lane, North Tryon, Sugar Creek, The Plaza, Garinger HS, Shamrock, Kilborne, Eastway Drive, Amity Gardens, Monroe, Beal Street, Randolph, Wendover, Sharon Road, Alexander Graham MS, Selwyn, Park Road Shopping Center, Scaleybark, Gilmore Rd, Woodlawn, Yorkmont, Westmont, Tyvola, West Blvd, Morris Field, Douglas Airport * LYNX Purple Line BRT: (Tram, 28 stations) Mint Hill Medical Center, Wilgrove-Mint Hill, Harrisburg Road, Lawyers/Harris, Farm Pond, Eastland CTC, Sharon Amity, Amity Gardens, Monroe, Beal Street, Randolph, Wendover, Sharon Road, Alexander Graham MS, Selwyn, Park Road Shopping Center, Scaleybark, Gilmore Rd, Woodlawn, Yorkmont, Tyvola, Shopton, Arrowood, Ayrsley, Westinghouse, Carowinds Blvd, Choate, Steele Creek
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