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[Bavaria] Bahnland Bayern U-/S- & Regional (WIP) by
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Work in progress map of the entirety of Bavarian Regional rail including Metro and Subruban rail. No wonder they're calling themselves Bahnland at the amount of rail here good lord - Lines with their destinations are finished, lines without any terminus are work in progress and missing lines will be added as they come up. - TODAY'S PROGRESS (10.05.): - Finished lines: -- S1 - Lindau-Insel - Bludenz -- S7 - Lindau-Reutin - Romanshorn -- S2 - Freilassing - Straßwalchen -- S4 - Freilassing - Berchdesgarden HBF - Progress on lines: -- S3 - Will extend the map beyond the original map ( ) to include all displayed connections to the trains of Bavaria, including neighbouring countries. - Future plans: -- polishing up all line alignments to fit the tracks -- combing through every single line for 100% accuracy as the current map might not be 100% accurate -- all long-distance trains/high speed rail lines?? might be too much work - Possible other projects: -- [Fictional] Possible extensions & improvements to Munich's transit systems [IN PROGRESS] -- [Fictional] some past empire's rail system with actual trip calculations -- Munich's Tram lines [DONE] -- every single regional line in Germany??? probably too much work -- all MVG bus lines (mayybe with all MVV lines too??) please write any mistakes I did or anything I may have forgotten in the comments!
Map type: regional | Total track length: 5717 miles | Center coordinate: 48.76107166993598, 11.308045704641478 |
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