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Map type: long distance | Total track length: 4647 miles | Center coordinate: 43.01032916282259, -84.99047575682123 | * Capital Corridor: (High speed rail, 14 stations) US Route 151, Gunflint Trail, Craig Avenue, North Court Street, Old Oak Circle, Chandler Lane, South Dearborn Street, Broadway Shops, Pottawattamie Country Club, I 94, Metro Business Interiors, Stuart Avenue, Central Street, East Michigan Avenue * Detroit Metro: (Metro/rapid transit, 24 stations) Detroit Amtrak Station (DET), Calhoun Street, Ferris Avenue, Biddle Avenue, Cherry Street, Departures Dtw, Theresa Street, Plymouth Road, Donald Avenue, Alta Vista Drive, East Brown Street, Seneca Street, Shimmons Road, Dennet Lane, Livernois Road, 17 Mile Road, Gilbert Drive, Conner, Goodson Street, Detroit Amtrak Station (DET), Franklin Street, Inselruhe Avenue, Charlevoix Street, Conner * Detroit to Jackson: (Regional rail, 6 stations) South Cooper Street, North University Court, South Street, Veterans Plaza, Calhoun Street, Detroit Amtrak Station (DET) * The City of Traverse City: (Regional rail, 10 stations) Station Name, Hersey Street, Wilcox Parkway, South Isabella Road, College Corner Coffee and Books, South Croswell Road, South Washington Street, Hagle Street, East Grand River Avenue, North University Court * Badger Line: (Regional rail, 6 stations) Quay Street, North Atkinson Drive, West Church Avenue, Wilcox Parkway, East Reardon Street, Veterans Memorial Bridge * Cadillac Limited: (Regional rail, 6 stations) Hersey Street, West Church Avenue, North State Street, Park Street, Courtland St, Ionia Avenue Northwest * Pere Marquette Line: (High speed rail, 14 stations) Station Name, Thompson Avenue, Thorpe Road, 4th Street, South Darr Road, South M 37, Loomis Street, Ionia Avenue Northwest, College Avenue, Metro Business Interiors, I 94, Pottawattamie Country Club, Broadway Shops, South Dearborn Street * Bay line: (Regional rail, 10 stations) Phelon Street, East Reardon Street, Veterans Memorial Bridge, Phelon Street, Lapeer Road, East Maple Street, Seneca Street, East Brown Street, South Center Street, Detroit Amtrak Station (DET) * coast to coast: (High speed rail, 11 stations) Peck Street, Porter Road, College Avenue, Ionia Avenue Northwest, East Michigan Avenue, Hagle Street, East Maple Street, Seneca Street, East Brown Street, South Center Street, Detroit Amtrak Station (DET) * Central Michigan Line: (Regional rail, 10 stations) East Sinclair Street, Paradise Trail, Spring Street, East Main Street, Old State Road, Wrangler Road, US Route 127, Home Acres Drive, Wilcox Parkway, South Isabella Road * Northern Arrow: (Regional rail, 16 stations) West Fletcher Street, North Bradley Highway, Station Name, Station Name, Station Name, East Sinclair Street, East Sinclair Street, Paradise Trail, Spring Street, Emmet Street, Hetrick Road, South Maple Street, Chestnut Street, Mount Hope Road, Mitchell Creek Drive, Station Name * Tawas Bus Line: (Local bus, 7 stations) West Fletcher Street, East Nicholson Hill Road, North Lakeshore Drive, West Cedar Lake Road, East Tawas, East City Limits Road, Veterans Memorial Bridge * Annie Rambler: (Regional rail, 4 stations) Lake Street, Thompson Avenue, South Clark Street, Hersey Street * Huron line: (Regional rail, 8 stations) Gordon Street, Lomosney Lane, Rattle Run Road, South Riverhill Drive, Gilbert Drive, Detroit Amtrak Station (DET), Custer Street, Washington Street * The Hozier state: (High speed rail, 6 stations) Broadway Avenue, North Range Road, North White River Parkway East Drive, West Foster Street, Broadway Shops, South Dearborn Street * South Bend Line (Indiana branch): (Regional rail, 9 stations) North White River Parkway East Drive, West Foster Street, East Berry Street, East Broad Street, Apple Valley, Howard Street, Pottawattamie Country Club, Broadway Shops, South Dearborn Street * South Bend Line (Michigan Branch): (Regional rail, 3 stations) Ionia Avenue Northwest, Stuart Avenue, Howard Street * Superior Line: (Regional rail, 9 stations) Powder Mill Road, 0.85 Road, North 30th Street, Harbor Drive, 54141, Riverside Drive, Repp Avenue, West Pleasant Street, South Dearborn Street * Hiawatha: (High speed rail, 4 stations) US Route 14, US Route 151, West Pleasant Street, South Dearborn Street * Green Bay Bus Line: (Local bus, 2 stations) Riverside Drive, Quay Street * Empire Line: (High speed rail, 10 stations) Winton Street, Lorimer Street, Exchange Street, Sisson Highway, West 15th Street, Ed Hauser Way, Dickinson Street, Washington Street, South Cooper Street, East Michigan Avenue * Ohio Line: (Regional rail, 5 stations) Forest Avenue, Hemlock Drive, Mulford Road, Hardesty Boulevard, Ed Hauser Way * Springfield line: (Metro/rapid transit, 8 stations) East Illinois Street, Station Name, South Houston Street, South 12th Street, North Walnut Street, Catherine Street, South Dearborn Street, East Illinois Street * OUT OF STATE LINES: (High speed rail, 4 stations) Harwood Court, 8th Avenue, Catherine Street, South Dearborn Street * Deep Jungle Green Line: (High speed rail, 0 stations)
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