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Map type: extra long distance | Total track length: 10701 miles | Center coordinate: 40.204187826462, -87.85620884953423 | * The American Line: (High speed rail, 19 stations) Seco View Trail, Kinley Drive, West Eclipse Drive, Cross Hollow Road, Shell, East Virginia Avenue, Northeast 39th Street, North Garfield Avenue, Madison Street, Minton-Capehart Federal Building, Ebner Street, Hillcrest Drive East, Ellison Avenue, 2nd Street Southwest, West 22nd Street, East Street Northwest, East Eager Street, Schuylkill Avenue, East 14th Street * Floridian: (High speed rail, 12 stations) Rickenbacker Causeway, North Ocean Boulevard, North Lincoln Street, Wigmore Street, I 16, Kirkwood Avenue Southeast, Escape Experience, Gallatin Avenue, Interstate 71, Minton-Capehart Federal Building, Broadway, South Dearborn Street * Great Lakes Line: (High speed rail, 12 stations) Clark Court, Clark Court, Washtenaw Avenue, West Michigan Avenue, Kinyon Street, Broadway, South Dearborn Street, North 10th Street, Burdette Court, Madison Street, West Montana Avenue, West Michigan Street * Rust Belt line: (High speed rail, 9 stations) Ninth Street, Bittner Street, Broadway, East 12th Street, East Roadway, Woodlawn Avenue, South Port Clinton South Road, The Sandpiper, Clark Court * Pennslvanian: (Regional rail, 11 stations) Lakeview Drive, Schuylkill Avenue, Poplar Street, Berwyn Park, Party Island, E College Ave, Frederick Street, Baltimore Street, William Penn Avenue, Soffel Street, East 12th Street * A2TC: (Regional rail, 18 stations) East Mitchell Street, Church Street, Northeast Limits, Maple Street, US-31 North, Woodland Drive, East Eighth Street, Barlow Street, May Street, Hillcrest Street, Chippewa Trail, Gratiot Avenue, North Saint Johns Street, Michigan Avenue, Lovejoy Street, Tractor Dr, Washtenaw Avenue, Clark Court * Ohio line: (High speed rail, 10 stations) Interstate 71, Second Avenue, Kiser Street, Ebner Street, Mishter Lane Northeast, Glenmount Avenue, East Roadway, Woodlawn Avenue, South Port Clinton South Road, The Sandpiper * Appalachian Line: (Regional rail, 5 stations) Soffel Street, County Route 40/4, Hillcrest Drive East, Holiday Road, Interstate 71 * WeGo Star: (High speed rail, 7 stations) Rush Wind Drive, Biltmore Avenue, South Gay Street, Harriman Hwy, Gallatin Avenue, John Williams Road, Island Dr * The Carolina Loop: (High speed rail, 17 stations) Bertie Drive, Peace Street, Peace Street, Farragut Street, Farragut Street, Rush Wind Drive, Evins Street, Promenade Drive, East Coffee Street, Granby Lane, Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge, Yaupon Circle, Pineview Drive Southeast, Airport Boulevard, Waccamaw Road, Pactolus Hwy, West 22nd Street * The Ore Limited: (Regional rail, 10 stations) Marquette, North 10th Street, 22nd Street, Little Dove Lane, South Jackson Street, North Fair Street, Merritt Avenue, Rubina Lane, North 10th Street, South Dearborn Street * Rushmore Line: (High speed rail, 20 stations) Northeast Columbia Boulevard, North Bogus Basin Road, US Route 93, West Clifford Drive, Benchmark Circle, 83440, Old Stage Trail, East Main Street, Canyon Trail Road, Hidden Valley Road, 57779, North 7th Street, North 7th Street, Frontier Road, North Kiwanis Avenue, Jones Street, Mid-America Drive, Southeast 9th Street, East 29th Street, South Dearborn Street
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