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Middlesbrough, Middlesbrough, England, United Kingdom by
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Map type: local | Total track length: 55 miles | Center coordinate: 54.56094141400618, -1.2141768879719026 | * Central Circle Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 13 stations) Southfield Road, Myrtle Street, Borough Road, Bright Street, Elliot Street, Winward Way, Bridge Street East, Zetland Road, Dundas Arcade, Cleveland Centre, Baker Street, Linthorpe Road, Southfield Road * Cross City Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 25 stations) Port Clarence, North Street, Gosforth Street, Station Street, Newport Road, Cleveland Centre, Grange Road, Borough Road, Marton Road, Douglas Street, Longlands Road, Hutton Road, Burnsall Road, Berwick Hills, Skelwith Road, Overdale Road, Elgin Avenue, Park End, Evesham Road, Stewart Park, Cypress Road, Gypsy Lane, Windsor Crescent, Bedford Road, Nunthorpe * Cross City Line- Lingfield Park Branch: (Metro/rapid transit, 8 stations) Lingfield Park, Coulby Newton, Gunnergate Lane, Cambridge Avenue, Marton, Elm Drive, The Grove, Stewart Park * Stockton Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 22 stations) Zetland Road, Grange Road, Southfield Road, Woodlands Road, Park Road South, Cumberland Road, Linthorpe, Oxford Road, Goodwood Square, Teesside Park, Princeton Drive, Durham University, Thornaby North, Stockton Central, Stockton Interchange, Orde Wingate Way, Durham Road, Glaisdale Avenue, Woodmere Road, Biddick Close, Bishopton Road West, Surbiton Road * Saltburn Line via Redcar Esplanade: (Metro/rapid transit, 22 stations) Saltburn, Bristol Avenue, the Chine, The Parkway, Windy Hill Lane, Marske by the Sea, Green Lane, Oak Road, Coast Road, Redcar Esplanade, West Dyke Road, Corporation Road, Mersey Road, Hambleton Avenue, Redcar South, Lazenby, Grangetown, South Bank, Telford Road, North Ormesby, Elliot Street, Cleveland Centre * Guisborough Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 21 stations) Guisborough Central, Northgate, Church St, Guisborough Parkway, Dunsdale, Wilton Village, Lazenby, Lakenby, Eston, Normanby Road, the Greenway, Garsdale Green, Berwick Hills, Dene Road, Linthorpe, Station Name, Acklam, Mainsforth Drive, Low Lane, Northleach Drive, Stainton * Saltburn Line via New Marske: (Metro/rapid transit, 4 stations) Marske by the Sea, New Marske, Fishpond Road, Redcar South * Yarm Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 14 stations) Green Lane, Blackfriars, Yarm, Yarm Road, Turnberry Avenue, Marchlyn Crescent, Ingleby Barwick, Hollybush Avenue, Cunningham Drive, Fullerton Way, Redcar Road, Thornaby on Tees, Acklam Road, Goodwood Square * Yarm Line - Eaglescliffe Branch: (Metro/rapid transit, 3 stations) Albert Road, Roundhay Drive, Turnberry Avenue * North Tees Hospital Brnach: (Metro/rapid transit, 7 stations) Stockton North, Easington Road, Waldridge Road, North Tees Hospital, Darlington Lane, Westfield Crescent, Durham Road
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