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Map type: local | Total track length: 76 miles | Center coordinate: 42.36611746408888, -71.06994550986238 | * Red Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 32 stations) Harvard, Putnam, Massachusetts Avenue, Centeral, Massachusetts Avenue, Technology Square, Osborn Triange, MIT West, MIT South, South Kendall Square, Charles/ MGH, Storrow Drive, Storrow Drive, Lomasney Way, Friend Street, Portland Street, Haymarket, Gov't Centere, State House, Post Office Square, Bank of America Plaza, Arch Street, Kingston Centere, Hoo Soo Station, Lincoln Street, Southeast, Savin Hill, Shawmut, Ashmont, Cedar Grove, Mills, Mattapan * Green Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 62 stations) Lynn, Franklin Street, Burns Street, Lechmere Street, Steeple Street, Glover Drive, Proctor Avenue, Park Avenue, Winthrop Road, Winthrop Road, Jefferson Avenue, Garland Street, Fremont Avenue, Nichols Street, Union Street, Revere Beach Parkway, Boston Street, Second Street, Second Street, Tobin Bridge, Broadway, Terminal Street, Terminal Street, Medford Street, Bunker Hill Street, Bartlett Street, Wood Street, Dexter Row, New Rutherford Avenue, Community Colege, Leighton Street, Rogers Street, Storrow Drive, Hawthorne Place, Blossom Street, Blossom Street, Cambridge Street, Cambridge Street, Staniford Street, Friend Street, Commercial Street, Charter Street, Olde North Church, Prince Street, Parmenter Street, Hanover Street, Gov't Centere, State House, Post Office Square, Bank of America Plaza, Federal Street, South Station, Boston Convention Centere, Haul Road, D Street, Northern Avenue, Boston HarborWalk, Hotel Drive, Terminal A, Terminal B, Terminal C, Terminal E * Yellow Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 49 stations) Porter, Beacon Street, Kent Street, Washington Street, Washington Street, Union Square, Somerville Avenue, Warren Street, Cambridge Street, Reardon Square, Technology Square, North Kendall Square, Kendall Square, Park, Third Street, Kendall Street, First Street, Charles/ MGH, Blossom Street, William Cardinal O'Connell Way, Cambridge Street, Coburn, Joy Street, Beacon Street, Boston Common Northeast, Boston Common Southeast, Downtowne Crossing, Washington Street, Chauncy Street, Avenue De Lafayette, Kingston Centere, Summer Street, Purchase Street, South Station, Summer Street, Melcher Street, Boston Convention Centere, Convention Centere South, West First Street, West Second Street, D Street, West First Street, West First Street, East Second Street, K Street, M Street, East First Street, Conely Terminal, Fort * Blue Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 32 stations) TV Place, Winchester Street, Dedham Street, Oak Hill Street, Franklin Park Circle, Centre Street, McBride Street, Washington Street, Columbia, Connolly, Roxbury, Ramsay, West Newton Street, Union Park, Peters, Harrison Avenue, Tufts, Chinatown, Washington Street, Downtowne Crossing, Washington Street, State House, State Street, Aquarium, Maverick, Airport, Wood Island, Horace Street, Suffolk Downs, Beachmont, Revere, Wonderland * Orange Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 68 stations) Foundry Street, Main Street, Atwood Avenue, Main Street, Main Street, Main Street, Main Street, Pleasant Street, Banks Place, Banks Place, Clinton Street, Adams Street, Madison Street, Main Street, Main Street, Main Street, Main Street, Winslow Street, Main Street, Main Street, Ashland Street, Commercial Street, Terminal Street, Old Ironsides Way, Walford Way, Bunker Hill Street, First Avenue, Commercial Street, Thacher Street, Prince Street, Parmenter Street, Hanover Street, Blackstone Street, Quincy, State Street, Broad Street, Liberty Square, Purchase Street, Atlantic Avenue, South Station, South Street, Lincoln Street, Tufts, Stuart Street, Park Plaice, Park Plaice, Saint James Avenue, Blagden Street, Huntington Avenue, Public Alley 820, Public Alley 822, Louis Prang Street, Wigglesworth Street, Mission Street, Parker Hill Avenue, Washington Street, Boylston Street, Boylston Street, Boylston Street, Hilltop Road, Boylston Street, Boylston Street, Moody Street, Boylston Street, Parker Street, Boylston Street, Margaret Road, Boylston Street
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