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Sulphur Springs, Texas, United States by
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Map type: local | Total track length: 21 miles | Center coordinate: 33.13021537012727, -95.59971432716175 | * Red Line: (Local bus, 20 stations) South Broadway Street, Mockingbird Lane, Cedar Springs Boulevard, Mockingbird Lane, Vonda Drive, Mockingbird Lane, Walmart Supercenter, South Broadway Street, Lee Street, Linda Drive, Gilmer Street, Kyle Street, Gilmer Street, The Square, Church Street, Church Street, Church Street, Church Street, Church Street, Memorial Drive * Green Line: (Local bus, 17 stations) College at Helm, Live Oak at Lou, College at Lou, College at Helm, College at Russell, College at Como, College at Carter, College at Jackson, The Square, Main at Locust, Main at League, Main at Reservoir, Main at Gladys Alexander, Azalea at Oak, Azalea Lane, Hillcrest at Azalea, Hillcrest Drive/Woodbridge * Yellow Line: (Local bus, 12 stations) Kyle Street, Locust Street South, League Street South, League Street South, League Street North, League Street North, Jackson Street North, Jackson Street North, Jefferson Street East, College at Como, Carter Street, Kyle Street * Blue Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 16 stations) Bill Bradford Road, Carter Street, Linda Drive, Lee Street, Lee Street, Texas Street, League Street South, League Street South, League Street South, League Street South, Ingram Street, Gilmer Street, West a Street, Elm Street, Elm Street, Bill Bradford Road
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