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A map of existing light and commuter rail lines plus their planned extensions (Blue, Green, and Northstar), planned lines (Riverview, Northern Lights), and preferred future lines (light and commuter rail).
Map type: local | Total track length: 189 miles | Center coordinate: 44.95879291537709, -93.25442699335785 | * Blue Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 31 stations) Mall of America, 30th Ave, Bloomington Central, American Boulevard, Terminal 2, Terminal 1, Ft. Snelling, VA Medical Center, 50th St - Minnehaha, 46th St, 38th St, Lake Street Midtown, Franklin Ave, Cedar Riverside, US Bank Stadium, Government Plaza, Nicollet Mall, Warehouse District, Target Field, Plymouth Ave, Lyndale Ave, James Ave, Penn Ave, Lowry Ave, Downtown Robbinsdale, Bass Lake Rd, 63rd Ave, Brooklyn Blvd, 85th Ave, 93rd Ave, Oak Grove Prky * Green Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 39 stations) Union Depot, Central, 10th St, Robert St, Capitol / Rice St, Western Ave, Dale St, Victoria St, Lexington Pwky, Hamline Ave, Snelling - University, Fairview Ave, Raymond Ave, University Avenue West, Prospect Park, Stadium Village, East Bank, West Bank, US Bank Stadium, Government Plaza, Nicollet Mall, Warehouse District, Target Field, Royalston Ave, Bassett Creek, Bryn Mawr, West 21st St, West Lake Street, Beltline Blvd, Wooddale Ave, Louisiana Ave, Blake Rd, Downtown Hopkins, Shady Oak, Opus, City West, Golden Triangle, Eden Prairie Town Center, SouthWest * Riverview Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 20 stations) Union Depot, Minnesota St, River's Edge, River Centre, Grand Avenue, St. Clair Ave, Randolph Ave, Otto Ave, Montreal Ave, Homer St, Saint Paul Ave, Davern St, Historic Ft. Snelling, Ft. Snelling, Terminal 1, Terminal 2, American Boulevard, Bloomington Central, 30th Ave, Mall of America * Northstar Commuter Rail: (Regional rail, 8 stations) Big Lake, Elk River, Ramsey, Anoka, Coon Rapids - Riverdale, Fridley, Northeast Minneapolis (Proposed), 5th Avenue North * MSP Connector Rail: (Regional rail, 4 stations) Union Depot, Snelling, University of Minnesota, Northeast Minneapolis (Proposed) * Riverview Spur: (Metro/rapid transit, 9 stations) Saint Paul Ave, Edgecombe Rd, Cleveland Ave, Highland Bridge, Randolph Ave - St. Catherine's, St. Clair Ave, Grand Ave, University of St. Thomas, Cleveland Ave * Dan Patch (Northstar Extension): (Regional rail, 8 stations) Northfield, Lakeville, Burnsville, Savage, Bloomington, Edina, Wooddale Ave, 5th Avenue North * Red Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 21 stations) Rosedale, Har-Mar, Larpenteur Ave, Como Ave - Fairgrounds, Minnehaha Ave, Snelling - University, Snelling - Marshall, Fairview Ave, Cleveland Ave, 45th Ave, 31st Ave, Lake Street Midtown, Bloomington Ave, Park Ave, Nicollet Ave, Lyndale Ave - Midtown, Hennepin Ave, Chain of Lakes, West Lake Street, Beltline Blvd, Wooddale Ave * Purple Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 33 stations) Northtown, Osborne Rd, Mississippi St, 57th Ave, University & 49th, 49th Ave, 45th Ave, 40th Ave, St. Anthony Pkwy, Lowry Ave, 18th Ave, Broadway St, 7th St, University Ave, 2nd St, 5th St, 8th St, 11th St, Minneapolis College, Loring Park, Franklin Ave, 26th St, Lyndale Ave - Midtown, 36th St, 40th St, 46th St, 54th St, 61st Ave, 66th St, American Blvd, 86th St, 92nd St, South Bloomington Transit Center
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