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Map type: local | Total track length: 220 miles | Center coordinate: -16.911809320801726, 145.73768568687382 | * Earlville Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 12 stations) Vandeleur Street Park, Hoad Street Park, Earlville Shopping Town, Ishmael Road Park, Newell Street, Brown Street, Aumuller Street, Barlow Park, Cairns Railway Station, Sheridan Street, Cairns Place, Lagoon Terminus * Gordonvale Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 17 stations) Gordonvale Railway Station, Meringa, Wrights Creek, Edmonton Community Hall, Swallow Road, Mercurio Street Park, White Rock, Cairns Golf Club, Rigg Street, Creekside, Toohey Street, AFL Cape York House, Draper Street, Convention Centre, Cairns Wharf, Little Fogarty Park, The Pier Terminus * Goldsborough Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 30 stations) Reef Cruises Terminal, Abbott Street, Grafton Street, Cairns Central, Cairns Civic, Buchan Street, Brown Street, Newell Street, Cannon Park Racecourse, Toogood Road, Pezzutti Park, Red Hill, Kite Close Park, Homestead Park, Madigans Drive Park, Mount Sheridan, Trafalgar Road Park, Bentley Park, Blackbird Close, Edmonton, Allen-Phillips Park, Peterson Park, Mackillop, Mount Peter, Trembath Drive, Gordonvale West, O'byrne Street, Corcoran Street, Goldsborough Road, Goldsborough * Gordonvale Shuttle: (Metro/rapid transit, 2 stations) Gordonvale Railway Station, Gordonvale West * Mooroobool Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 13 stations) Mooroobool, Beatrice Park, Munro Terrace, Kingsford Street, Cazalys Stadium, Cairns DFO, Creedy Street, Showgrounds Shopping Centre, Cairns Showgrounds, Clare Street, Water Street, Munro Martin Parklands, Esplanade * Silky Oak Court Park Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 11 stations) Muddys Events Lawn, Grafton Street, Martyn Street, Parramatta Park, Rose Blank Tower, Griffiths Park, English Street, Raintrees, Velodrome, Swallow Street, Silky Oak Court Park * Kanimbla Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 9 stations) Kanimbla, Marino Quarry, Pease Street, Cominos Place Park, TAFE Queensland Cairns, Severin Street, Lily Creek, Sheridan Street, Cairns Hospital * South Redlynch Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 10 stations) South Redlynch, Freshwater Creek, South Brinsmead, East Parkridge Drive, Whitfield State School, Piccones Village, Tigers, Cairns Cemetery, Sheridan Street, Coconut Grove * Anderson Street Subway: (Metro/rapid transit, 15 stations) Cairns Golf Course, Rigg Street, Cannon Park Racecourse, Ishmael Road Park, Kingsford Street, Harald Farge Park, Raintrees, Pease Street, Taipans, English Street, Fearnley Street, Severin Street, Cairns Holiday Park, Las Palmas, Charles Street Parklands Terminal * Redlynch Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 10 stations) Redlynch, Redlynch Central, Freshwater Christian College, Brinsmead, Murchison Park, Whitefield, Purbeck Place Park, Edge Hill, Saltwater Creek, Ocean World Seafood Market * Lake Placid Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 11 stations) Lake Placid, Caravonica, Barron Wetlands, Freshwater Station, South Freshwater, Hobson Reserve, Colin Penridge Park, Jensen Street, Pease Street, Botanic Gardens, Car Rental District * Redlynch - Cairns Airport Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 6 stations) Redlynch, Redlynch Strikers, Hobson Reserve, Aeroglen, Domestic Terminal, International Terminal * Sheridan Street Subway: (Metro/rapid transit, 28 stations) Clifton Beach, Clifton Beach West, Captain Cook Highway, Orton Avenue, Centenary Park, Bluewater Park, Trinity Park, JCU Main Station, North Smithfield, Dunne Street, Holloways Beach West, West Machans Beach, International Terminal, Domestic Terminal, Car Rental District, Ocean World Seafood Market, Sheridan Street, Las Palmas, Sheridan Street, Grafton Street, Munro Martin Parklands, Sheridan Street, Convention Centre, Glen Boughton, Giangurra, East Trinity, Koombal, Yarrabah * Esplanade Subway: (Metro/rapid transit, 24 stations) Palm Cove North, Palm Cove, South Palm Beach, Clifton Beach, Clifton Beach South, Kewarra Beach, Trinity Beach, Bluewater Marina, Ray Howarth Park, Yorkeys Knob, Holloways Beach North, Holloways Beach, Machans Beach, International Terminal, Domestic Terminal, Car Rental District, North Cairns, Coconut Grove, Charles Street Parklands Terminal, Cairns Hospital, Muddys Events Lawn, Esplanade, Lagoon, Marlin Parade Terminal * Lake Placid - Cairns Airport Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 11 stations) Lake Placid, Kamerunga Island, Kamerunga, Upper Freshwater, Freshwater Station, Freshwater, Jalarra Park, Stratford, Jonsson's Farm Market, Domestic Terminal, International Terminal * Caravonica - Redlynch Shuttle: (Metro/rapid transit, 3 stations) Redlynch, Kamerunga, Caravonica * Paradise Palms: (Metro/rapid transit, 0 stations) * Kowrowa Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 21 stations) Kowrowa, Mantaka, Myola, Fairyland, Kuranda, Stanton Road, Smithfield, Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, Entertainment Precinct, North Stratford, Jonsson's Farm Market, Aeroglen, Botanic Gardens, Saltwater Creek, Cairns Cemetery, Cairns Holiday Park, Lily Creek, Martyn Street, Water Street, Cairns Central, Wharf 7-8 * Fitzroy Island Ferry: (Metro/rapid transit, 2 stations) Fitzroy Island, Cairns Marina * Holloways Beach Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 15 stations) Holloways Beach, Holloways Beach West, North Stratford, Stratford, Pease Street, Edge Hill, Tigers, Severin Street, Severin Street, Parramatta Park, Cairns Showgrounds, Barlow Park, Cairns Civic, Draper Street, HMAS Cairns * Yorkeys Knob Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 16 stations) Cairns Golf Course, Rigg Street, Toogood Road, Woree, Hoad Street Park, Mooroobool, Silky Oak Court Park, Kanimbla, South Brinsmead, Brinsmead, Freshwater Christian College, Redlynch Strikers, Freshwater Station, Entertainment Precinct, Dunne Street, Yorkeys Knob * Portsmith Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 14 stations) International Terminal, Domestic Terminal, Car Rental District, Saltwater Creek, Tigers, Fearnley Street, TAFE Queensland Cairns, Rose Blank Tower, Mann Street, Creedy Street, Aumuller Street, Buchan Street, AFL Cape York House, Cook Street * Smithfield Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 16 stations) Smithfield, Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, Entertainment Precinct, Jalarra Park, Jensen Street, Purbeck Place Park, Piccones Village, Taipans, Cominos Place Park, Griffiths Park, Mann Street, Cairns DFO, Brown Street, Brown Street, Toohey Street, Yacht Terminal * Bluewater Marina Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 22 stations) Bluewater Marina, Trinity Park, JCU Main Station, Ainslie Place, Smithfield, Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, North Caravonica, Barron Wetlands, Upper Freshwater, Ryan Weare Park, South Freshwater, Loridan Drive Reserve, Murchison Park, Whitfield State School, Reservoir Road, Pease Street, English Street, Cazalys Stadium, Newell Street, Newell Street, Creekside, Great Barrier Reef International Marine College * Smithfield - Halloways Beach Shuttle: (Metro/rapid transit, 5 stations) Smithfield, Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, Entertainment Precinct, Holloways Beach West, Holloways Beach * Edmonton Shuttle: (Metro/rapid transit, 2 stations) Edmonton Community Hall, Edmonton * Mount Sheridan - The Pier Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 13 stations) The Pier, Marlin Parade Terminal, Cairns Wharf, Wharf 7-8, HMAS Cairns, Cook Street, Yacht Terminal, Great Barrier Reef International Marine College, Cairns Golf Course, Hepburn Street, White Rock, Mount Sheridan, Tom Murray Park * Kuranda - Clifton Beach Shuttle: (Metro/rapid transit, 3 stations) Clifton Beach, North Kuranda, Kuranda * Kuranda - JCU Shuttle: (Metro/rapid transit, 4 stations) JCU Main Station, JCU West, East Kuranda, Kuranda * Barron Gorge Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 4 stations) Lake Placid, Wrights Lookout, Mason Road, Kuranda
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