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if kissimmee wasnt a bad city and suburbia stopped by
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Map type: local | Total track length: 123 miles | Center coordinate: 28.41082664734597, -81.40250811992975 | * Kissimmee Railway: (Metro/rapid transit, 6 stations) Kissimmee, Pleasant Street, Vine Street, John Young, Best Buy Plaza, Loop Area * Green Line: (Tram, 5 stations) John Young Parkway, Oak Street, Medical Oak Street, East Orange Street, Vine Street * Brown Line: (Tram, 4 stations) Kissimmee Aviation, Thacker Avenue, MLK Jr. Boulevard, Medical Oak Street * Hunter's Creek Eagle Express: (Tram, 17 stations) Promenade, Raven Croft Court, Raven Croft Court, Raven Croft Court, Super Target Plaza, Golfview, Town Center Boulevard, Hunter's Creek, Capri, Cypress Crossing, Sports Club Way, Tambourine Drive, Traders Path, Eagle Lake Drive, Eagles Park, John Young Parkway, Loop Area * Hunter's Creek Panther Expressway: (Tram, 31 stations) Deerfield, Battles Boulevard, John Young Parkway, Camden, Chalfont, MAA Heather Glen, Heather Glen, Hunter's Creek Middle School, Peace Church, Urbana, Chelsea Landing North, Villanova, Tallowridge Court, Chelsea Landing South, Carrington, Hunter's Creek Elementary, Glenhurst North, Glenhurst South, Osprey, Calabay Cove West, Montara, Hunter's Isle, Ocita East, Ashton, Ocita West, Calabay Cove West, Greeneway Church, Amaca Circle, Otter Run Lane, Timucua, John Young Parkway * Hunter's Creek Wildcat Way: (Tram, 15 stations) Tarragona Drive, Los Palma Vista Drive, Tortuga Court, Flora Vista Drive, Vista Park 2, Vista Park, Estrella Drive, West Creek Elementary School, Vistas Entrance, Hunters Vista Boulevard, Publix Plaza, Loop West, Osceola Bend, The Loop East, Loop Area * Wildcat Way Detour: (Metro/rapid transit, 3 stations) Glenhurst South, Osprey & Carrington Detour, Hunters Vista Boulevard * Orlando Speedway: (High speed rail, 9 stations) DeLand, Sanford, Winter Park, Lynx Central Station, Universal Studios, Orange County, Orange County, Hunter's Creek, Kissimmee * Orlando Metro Line A: (Metro/rapid transit, 12 stations) Cathcart Avenue, East Robinson Street, Palmetto Avenue, Wall Street, Magnolia Avenue, North Orange Avenue, North Orange Avenue, South Orange Avenue, Central Boulevard, Central Boulevard, Central Boulevard, Pine Street * Orlando Metro Line B: (Metro/rapid transit, 10 stations) Colonial Marketplace, Colonial Drive, Orlando Executive Airport, Colonial Landing Plaza, Primrose Plaza, Celebration Street, Livingston Street, Glenside Lane, Thornton Avenue, Cathcart Avenue * Sunshine MetroPlus: (Regional rail, 6 stations) EPCOT, Kissimmee Vineland Road, SeaWorld, Hyatt Regency, Rose Inn and Wyndham, Universal Studios * Sunshine Railroad: (Metro/rapid transit, 10 stations) Lee Street, Apopka Vineland Road, Palm Lake Drive, Ridgeberry Drive, Edge o' Woods Court, Sugar Brook Court, Dr. Phillips Boulevard, Della Drive, Della Drive, Universal Studios * Lake Nona Airport EXPRESS: (High speed rail, 2 stations) Mayfair Pointe Drive, Orlando International Airport * Lake Nona Metro: (Metro/rapid transit, 12 stations) Narcoossee Road, Narcoossee Road, Narcoossee Road, Tyson Road, Lake Nona High School, Dwell Court, Valencia College, Narcoossee Road, Narcoossee Road, Narcoossee Road, Lake Nona Boulevard, Fiore Drive * President Joe Biden Railroad: (High speed rail, 4 stations) Orlando International Airport, Bear Road, Southport, Orange County
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