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Map type: local | Total track length: 53 miles | Center coordinate: 37.77859596195882, -122.39030834588509 | * 3: (Metro/rapid transit, 17 stations) The Embarcadero, The Embarcadero, Market Street, Market Street, Market Street, Stevenson Street, Stevenson Street, Market Street, Buchanan Street, Market Street, Stanyan Street, 19th Avenue, Kirkham Street, Rivera Street, Sloat Boulevard, Font Boulevard, Fuente Avenue * 1: (Metro/rapid transit, 13 stations) East 19th Street, Broadway, 14th Street, Market Street, Bush Street, Geary Boulevard, Garden Street, Geary Boulevard, Funston Avenue, Funston Avenue, 30th Avenue, 30th Avenue, 44th Avenue * 2: (Metro/rapid transit, 13 stations) Moraga Avenue, Moraga Avenue, Lombard Street, Van Ness Avenue, Columbus Avenue, Kearny Street, Market Street, Beale Street, 2nd Street, 4th Street, Mission Bay Boulevard South, Mariposa Street, San Francisco * 4: (Metro/rapid transit, 17 stations) Fuente Avenue, Ashton Avenue, Ocean Avenue, Richland Avenue, Richland Avenue, Precita Avenue, Precita Avenue, South Van Ness Avenue, South Van Ness Avenue, South Van Ness Avenue, Market Street, Geary Boulevard, Van Ness Avenue, Broadway, Van Ness Avenue, Columbus Avenue, Columbus Avenue * A: (Regional rail, 12 stations) Airport Drive, Jost Lane, Park Street, Webster Street, 2nd Street, Broadway, Broadway, Broadway, 41st Street, College Avenue, Otis Street, Shattuck Square
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