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Map type: extra long distance | Total track length: 13900 miles | Center coordinate: 38.078556006135834, -89.78253751343516 | * Red Line: (High speed rail, 15 stations) Afton Avenue, Chamberlayne Avenue, EPA East Building, Guilford Avenue, Kirk Avenue, North 15th Street, Fountain Avenue, Broadway, John Street, Connecticut Historical Society Museum & Library, Jackson Walkway, Staniford Street, Union Street, Union Street, Chamberlain Avenue * Green Line: (High speed rail, 17 stations) North 16th Avenue, Redwood Lane Southwest, The Very Tip of the Picnic Point Peninsula on Lake Mendota, Ambulance Way, West Harrison Street, West Saint Clair Street, Liberty Street, Hanover Street, Quarry Street, North 15th Street, Fountain Avenue, Broadway, Columbia Turnpike, South Union Street, Upper Sunny Brook Road, Highland Street, Union Street * Yellow Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 12 stations) Columbia Turnpike, James Street, I 490, Main Street, East 6th Street, C-Dock Whiskey Island, Myers Street, Elmhurst Street, Fitting Avenue, Sibley Street Northwest, North Niles Avenue, West Harrison Street * Blue Line: (High speed rail, 18 stations) North 15th Street, Kirk Avenue, Guilford Avenue, EPA East Building, Chamberlayne Avenue, North Wilmington Street, Arlington Street, Stadium View Drive, Park Street, Collins Elementary, Georgia Avenue, 3rd Avenue North, Road of Remembrance, Maurepas Street, Lehmann Street, East I-10 Frontage Road, Pacific Street, North Presa Street * Orange Line: (High speed rail, 15 stations) Fritz Leiber Drive, North Presa Street, Texas Lawyers' Insurance Exchange, North 44th Street, East Avenue J, Ridgeway Drive, Palmetto Avenue, 2nd Avenue North, Duncan Street, Oliver Lewis Way, Kerper Avenue, Liberty Street, Hanover Street, South Main Street, C-Dock Whiskey Island * Purple Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 15 stations) East Avenue J, Pacific Street, North Presa Street, Crescent Circle, Interstate 25, West Grant Street, Waterman Avenue, Santa Ana Freeway, South D Street, Malone Road, Conservatory Drive East, Alabama Avenue, Washington-Jefferson Street Bridge, Northwest Naito Parkway, 9th Avenue * Cyan Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 11 stations) West Harrison Street, South Durkin Drive, Express Lanes, Forum Boulevard, Freeman Avenue, Southwest Indian Hills Road, Potter Court, 900 West, 5th Place, Waterman Avenue, Santa Ana Freeway * Magenta Line: (High speed rail, 21 stations) 9th Avenue, South Adams Street, Las Palmas Avenue, Yegen Road, 23rd Avenue South, North 16th Avenue, Redwood Lane Southwest, Easton Boulevard, Forum Boulevard, Express Lanes, Palmetto Avenue, 2nd Avenue North, Battery Place, Georgia Avenue, Hardeman Avenue, East 3rd Street, George W Engram Boulevard, Cepeda Street, H&R Block, Embassy Drive, Northeast 8th Street
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