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Map type: extra long distance | Total track length: 18905 miles | Center coordinate: 38.50029490755503, -94.82736896710296 | * Red Line: (High speed rail, 9 stations) Wylie Street, Vincent's From Greetree Pizza, Spruce Street, Emming Street, Clark Memorial Bridge, Samuel Shepard Drive, Levee Road, Southwest 27th Street, I 135 * Green Line: (High speed rail, 12 stations) Madison Street, Pioneer Way, Southwest Patton Court, Lorane Highway, Winema Way, Waldon Street, G Street, Ebbetts Drive, Market Street, KQED, East 6th Street, Falcon Street * Navy Line: (High speed rail, 17 stations) Madison Street, South Wall Street, Gibbs, Sundown Road, Runkle Parkway, Montana State University Police Department, Avenue B, Bonn Boulevard, Ndsu Research Circle North, Evergreen Drive, Cargo Road, 3rd Avenue Northwest, Henry Vilas Park Playground, South 35th Street, South Sacramento Drive, Jeffrey S. Raskin, Clark Memorial Bridge * Blue Line: (High speed rail, 11 stations) State Street, Commercial Street, Staniford Street, Ayrault Street, Valley View Drive, West 14th Street, Wylie Street, Delaware Avenue, Peet's Coffee and Tea, Starbucks, Miss Scotts Alley * Orange Line: (High speed rail, 6 stations) I 135, Lincoln Street, Chesterfield Street, West Park Way North, Main Street, East 6th Street * Purple Line: (High speed rail, 11 stations) General Pershing Street, July Street, East Caston Street, Bethje Street, West Poplar Street, Founders Boulevard, Roadrunner Lane, North 2nd Avenue, West Latham Street, Main Street, East 6th Street * Cyan Line: (High speed rail, 9 stations) Founders Boulevard, South Fairgrounds Road, North 3rd Street, Samuels Avenue, South Stemmons Freeway, Junior Place, Chadwick Drive, 4th Street North, Kennedy Street Northwest * Magenta Line: (High speed rail, 25 stations) Staniford Street, Tyler Street, Partition Street Extension, Burlington, Public Square, South Mcbride Street, Goldsmith Place, Bakos Boulevard, Cherry Street, West 110th Street, Fultz Street, Spruce Street, Emming Street, Richmond Road, Clifton Ave, Clark Memorial Bridge, Ed Temple Boulevard, Whitehall Road, Kennedy Street Northwest, Seminole Avenue, Interstate _95, Amelia Street, Southwest Butler Avenue, The Pointe Drive, Northwest 17th Street * Apricot Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 14 stations) West Poplar Street, Pease Road, Meadowbrook Street, South Stemmons Freeway, Moss Creek Court, Northeast 8th Street, North Florence Place, Levee Road, Samuel Shepard Drive, Clark Memorial Bridge, Emming Street, Spruce Street, Airline Avenue, Carlin Street * Pink Line: (High speed rail, 12 stations) Avenue B, Little Powder River Road, West Platte Road, Westland Road, Riverside Avenue, Flatirons Loop, Lincoln Street, West Monroe Street, Dundee Lane, General Sage Drive, Glenwood Drive Northwest, Roadrunner Lane * Teal Line: (High speed rail, 15 stations) Peet's Coffee and Tea, Rambler Road, Richmond Road, Clark Memorial Bridge, Ed Temple Boulevard, Dacus Lake Road, P Street, North Florence Place, I 135, F Street, South 24th Street, East Watrous Avenue, Lynbrook Drive Northeast, Wooddale Avenue, South Sacramento Drive * Lavender Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 11 stations) South 24th Street, West Clifton Avenue, South Sertoma Avenue, 57532, Bunker Drive, West Platte Road, Saddle Butte Way, Grandview Drive, AT&T Store, Northwest Kingston Avenue, Southwest Patton Court * Grey Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 13 stations) General Pershing Street, July Street, Chadwick Drive, 4th Street North, Ajax Street, West Fairfield Drive, North Thompson Drive, South Bronough Street, Adamo Drive, Amelia Street, Southwest Butler Avenue, The Pointe Drive, Northwest 17th Street * Maroon Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 7 stations) Starbucks, Miss Scotts Alley, South Saunders Street, Arlington Street, Washington Avenue, Grove Road, Kennedy Street Northwest
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