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Map type: extra long distance | Total track length: 5131 miles | Center coordinate: 37.69790809380355, -95.1942959122749 | * Red Line: (High speed rail, 9 stations) Commercial Street, Columbia Avenue, North 18th Street, North 7th Street Trafficway, Parish Drive, Verona Road, Posh Party Event Venue, Antioch Road, Penwell-Gabel Cremations * Green Line: (High speed rail, 22 stations) 18th Street, West 3rd Street, West 20th Street, North College Avenue, Northwest 2nd Street, West 6th Street, College Avenue, Fremont Street, Southwest 8th Avenue, Southwest 17th Street, Southwest 8th Avenue, Southeast 25th Street, West 8th Street, North Chestnut Street, Antioch Road, West 90th Street, West Handle Way, Clark Avenue, North Linview Avenue, Lake Michigan, East Mall, South Adams Street * Yellow Line: (High speed rail, 6 stations) Parish Drive, Verona Road, West 90th Street, Antioch Road, Penwell-Gabel Cremations, North Chestnut Street * Blue Line: (High speed rail, 9 stations) Southwest 8th Avenue, College Avenue, West 6th Street, Northwest 2nd Street, North College Avenue, West 20th Street, 1st Avenue, North Main Street, North Kansas Avenue * Orange Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 9 stations) Rosenthal Street, North Hillside Street, North Hillcrest Avenue, East Pawnee Street, South Glenn Street, Caroline Street, Executive AirShare, Rosenthal Street, North Broadway Street * Purple Line: (High speed rail, 11 stations) North Broadway Street, Merchant Street, Southwest 8th Avenue, College Avenue, West 6th Street, Northwest 2nd Street, North College Avenue, W Simpson St, East 7th Avenue, Cutting Edge, North Broadway Street * Cyan Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 9 stations) Doctor Martin Luther King Jr Expressway, Allis Street, North Lindell Avenue, North Lindell Avenue, South 8th Street, South Jefferson Avenue, West Handle Way, Big Bear Boulevard, Southeast 8th Street * Magenta Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 8 stations) Lake Michigan, West 4th Street, Southeast 8th Street, Boys and Girls Clubs of the Midlands - North Unit, College Avenue, North Broadway Street, The Law Center for Social Security Disability, Lakeside Drive * Lime Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 4 stations) Monroe Street, Peck Street, North Michigan Street, Lake Michigan * Lime Line - Fork: (Metro/rapid transit, 3 stations) Monroe Street, North Michigan Street, Lake Michigan * Pink Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 12 stations) Lakeside Drive, Lake Park Drive, South Harvey Mitchell Parkway, Frawley Street, Seahorse Drive, Erwin Avenue, Sherman Street, Hilwin Circle, Hilwin Circle, Dunbar Avenue, North Commerce Street, Lakeside Drive
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