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Map type: local | Total track length: 139 miles | Center coordinate: 43.856085739844744, 125.34660400388876 | * Line 1: (Metro/rapid transit, 21 stations) North Ring Road, Qingfeng Road, Yikuang street, Changchun Railway Station North, Changchun Railway Station, Shengli Park, Renmin Square, Jiefang Avenue, Northeast Normal Universty, Gongnong Square, Fanrong Road, Weixing Square, Municipal Government, Huaqing Road, Ximin Street, Yihe Village North, Yihe Village, Xingbo Road, Yihe Village South, Yongchun North, Yongchun South * Line 3: (Metro/rapid transit, 35 stations) Number 59 Middle School, Majiagou, Changchun Movie Wonderland, Ski Resort, Baoxian Street, Zishan Road, Jingyuetan National Park, Agricultural Expo Garden, Jinhe Street, Boshuo Road, Jixin Street, Shiji Square, Conference and Exhibition Center, Jilin TV and Radio Center, Vocational Institute of Technology, Yitong River, Yatai overpass, Weixing Square, Weiguang Street, Weimin Street, Qianjn street, Qianjinxi, Diantai Street, Huguang Road, Mengjiatun, Fusong Road, Kuanping Bridge, Huxi bridge, Jiefang Overpass, Chaoyang Bridge, Nanchang Road, Xian Bridge, Furong Bridge, Liaoning Road, Changchun Railway Station * Line 4: (Metro/rapid transit, 21 stations) Tianxin Road, Qianshilipu, Tianpu Road, Tianqing Road, Fuzhi Ave, Tiangong Road, Yisheng Road, South Ring Road, Shirong Road, Vocational Institute of Technology, Beihai road, Weihai Road, Pudong Road, Haikou Road, Gongping road, Jilin Avenue, Dongxin Road, Dongqidao bridge, Puppet Manchuko Palace Museum, Beiyatai Street, Changchun Railway Station North * Line 3: (Metro/rapid transit, 27 stations) Zhaojiagang East, Zhaojiagang, Zhaojiagang West, Sandao East, Sandao West, Eastern Transportation Hub, Dongfang Square, Changqing, East Ring Road, Dongsheng Street, Jilin Avenue, Nanguan, Pingyan, Jiefang Avenue, Wenhua Square, Jianshe Square, Jiefang Overpass, Jingyang Square, Wanfu Street, Heping Street, West Ring Road, Xinglongpu, Changchun West Railway Station, Shangfeng, West Lake, Jieda Dalu, Quiche Gongyuan * Line 8: (Metro/rapid transit, 12 stations) North Ring Road, Number 123 middle school, Xiaonan, Xiaochengzi Street, North Lake Bridge, North Lake Park, He'an Street, Guanji Road, Daxuecheng Road, Institute of Geography, Olympic Park, Guantong Road * Line 6: (Metro/rapid transit, 22 stations) Changchun Movie Wonderland, Provincial Museum, Juye Street, Yinghua Street, Xinching Street, Wujiadian, Fuzhi Ave, Nanxi National Park, Huaqing Road, Ximin Street, Nanhu Middle Street, Qianjin Street South, South 4th Ring Road, Weushan Road, Guigu Square, Guanggu Street, Eurasia Shopping Mall, Feyyue Square, Daixi Park, Zhujiatun, Changchun West Railway Station, Shangfeng * Line 7: (Metro/rapid transit, 19 stations) Quiche Gongyuan, Xihu Ave, Xing'An Road, Xingshun Road, Eurasia Shopping Mall, Yueye, Mengjiatun, Huinan Street, Nianhu Square, Nanhuxiucun, Gongnong Square, Nanling Campus, Dongling South Street, Weihai Road, Saide Square, Muizhan Street, Zhudong Market, Wuman Road, East Ring Road * Line 9: (Metro/rapid transit, 8 stations) Jianlan Railway Satation, Jainlan Street, Xiongxin square, Folklore Museum, Changchun Longjia International Airport, Donghuzhen, Lianhua Mountain North, Zhaojiagang East * Line 5: (Metro/rapid transit, 18 stations) Dongqidao bridge, Yatai street, Dajing Road, Renmin Square, Tongzhi Street, Wenhua Square, Gongnong Ave, Huxi Road, Nianhu Square, Fanrong Street West, Diantai Street, Guigu Square, Weishan Street West, Anxin road, Yueda Road, Shunda Road, Chaoqiang, Southwestern Transportation Hub
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