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2 lines, 43 stations
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Hohhot Metro with Confirmed Extensions by
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Map type: local | Total track length: 34 miles | Center coordinate: 40.82156320470789, 111.6938927430231 | * Line 1: (Metro/rapid transit, 20 stations) Yili Health Valley, Xi'erhuanlu, Kongjiaying, Hungang Donglu, Xilongwangmiao, Wulanfu Memorial Hall, The Affiliated Hospital, Xinhua Square, People's Hall, Jiangjunyashu, Arts College, Dongfenglu, Inner Mongolia Exhibition Center, Inner Mongolia Museum, City Government, Hohhot Eastern Railway Station, Hobutaqi, Shalindai, Baita Airport, Bayan * Line 2: (Metro/rapid transit, 24 stations) Asheran Lu, Lamaying, Shujayang, Neida Nanxiaoqu, Xilin Park, Wuliyi, Suishang Park, Nuchemule, Daxue, Zhongshan, Xinhua Square, Hohhot Railway Station, Gongfuzu, Stadium, Inner Mongolia Gymnasium, Genghis Khan Square, Haoxinying, Genghis Khan Park, Yijiacun, Dongerhan Lu, Xincheng Library, Baihelu, Xindian, Taidonglu
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