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Map type: local | Total track length: 58 miles | Center coordinate: 45.744487058581235, 126.62802774591394 | * Line 1: (Metro/rapid transit, 24 stations) Bohai Road, Jingpo Road, Wapenyao, Tongjiang Road, Southern Railway Station, Haida, Second Affiliated Hospital, Heilongjang University, Harbin University of Science and Technology, Xuefu Road, Heixing Road, Xidachiao, Harbin Institute, Harbin Railway Company, Heilongjiang Museum, First Affiliated Hospital, Tobacco Manufacturer, Harbin Engineering University, Taipingcho, Jiaotongkueyuan, Huashu Street, Harbin East Train Station, Ashen River, Shuinliu * Line 3: (Metro/rapid transit, 37 stations) Jiaotongkueyuan, Dayoufang Street, Second Hospital, Haihe East Road, Conference and Exhibition Center, Xiangjiang Road, Zhujiang Road, Gongbin Road, Youfang Street, Turbine, Janxiang Street, Labor Park, Xunbeng Street, Cancer Hospital, Zhengqi Road, Second Affiliated Hospital, 宜家家居 IKEA, Kaishengyuan Plaza, Western Railway Station, Chengxiang Road, Gongnong Street, Qunli Hospital, Qunli Boulevard, Sports Park, Lilac Park, Heshan Street, Hesong Street, Highway Bridge, Shanghai Street, Peoples' Square, Friendship Hotel, Zhaolin Park, Beima Road, Jingyu Street, Harbin Mosque, Jingyu Park, Jiaotongkueyuan * Line 2: (Metro/rapid transit, 19 stations) Jiangbei University Town, Harbin North Railway Station, Dagenjia, Longchan Road, Zhinhao Ave, Ice and Snow World, Sun Island, Peoples' Square, Zhongyang Street, Shangzhi Street, Harbin Railway Station, Heilongjiang Museum, Workers' Cultural Palace, Peoples Government Building, Provincial Hospital, Zhujiang Road, Nanzhi Road, Northeast Agricultural Observatory, Meterological Observatory
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