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Map type: local | Total track length: 204 miles | Center coordinate: 44.9551987165136, -93.2534858861466 | * Red Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 34 stations) Quarry Ridge Lane, Old Afton Trail, Bielenberg Drive, Weir Drive, Londin Lane East, Lower Afton Road, East Lafayette Frontage Road, East Fillmore Avenue, East 5th Street, East 5th Street, West 5th Street, Grand Avenue, Heather Drive, North Oxford Street, Laurel Avenue, Cleveland Avenue, Southeast Bedford Street, 32nd Avenue South, Franklin Frontage Road, South 9th Street, South 7th Street, South 6th Street, Minneapolis Skyway, North 5th Street, 5th Street North, North 15th Avenue, North 2nd Street, North 34th Avenue, North Lyndale Avenue, North Fremont Avenue, North 44th Avenue, North Vincent Avenue, 51st Avenue North, Ewing Avenue North * Green Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 51 stations) Stillwater Avenue West, Stillwater Avenue West, Laurel Street East, Laurel Street East, Chestnut Street East, Willard Street East, 2nd Street South, Tuenge Drive, Curve Crest Boulevard West, Manning Avenue North, 60th Street North, Demontreville Trail North, Joy Road, Karth Road, Buerkle Road, Allen Avenue, Edgerton Street, McMenemy Street, Park Street, Sandhurst Drive, Dale Street North, California Avenue, Prior Avenue, East Hennepin Avenue, East Hennepin Avenue, Southeast 8th Avenue, University Avenue SE, South 1st Street, High Street South, 3rd Avenue North, North 5th Street, Holden Street North, 15th Street North, Laurel Avenue West, Emerson Avenue South, Emerson Avenue South, Waverly Place, Knox Avenue South, Franklin Avenue West, West Lake of the Isles Parkway, West Lake of the Isles Parkway, Thomas Avenue South, St Louis Avenue, St Louis Avenue, Lynn Avenue South, Minnetonka Boulevard, Kentucky Avenue South, Xylon Avenue South, Minnetonka Boulevard, Cedar Crest Road West, Royals Drive * Lime Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 30 stations) Pleasant Wood Road, 21st Avenue North, 11th Avenue South, Preston Lane, Dakota Avenue South, Excelsior Boulevard, 38th Street West, Excelsior Boulevard, Dean Parkway, Thomas Avenue South, West Lake of the Isles Parkway, Franklin Avenue West, Knox Avenue South, Waverly Place, Emerson Avenue South, Emerson Avenue South, Laurel Avenue West, 15th Street North, Holden Street North, North 5th Street, North 2nd Street, Northeast Ramsey Street, Northeast 8th Avenue, Northeast 8th Avenue, Northeast Tyler Street, Central Avenue Northeast, Northeast Tyler Street, Northeast Johnson Street, Ulysses Street Northeast, Arthur Street Northeast * Blue Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 21 stations) Prairie Center Drive, Fountain Place, Staring Lake Parkway, Staring Lake Parkway, Westridge Drive, Lone Oak Road, Mitchell Road, Mitchell Road, Baker Road, Baker Road, Sanibel Drive, Sanibel Drive, Shady Oak Road, Shady Oak Road, 21st Avenue North, Minnetonka Mills Road, Shady Oak Road, Danbury Way, Meadow Place, Sumac Lane, Royals Drive * Yellow Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 22 stations) North 5th Street, Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis Skyway, Clinton Avenue South, East 28th Street, East 33rd Street, East 38th Street, Bloomington Avenue South, East 54th Street, East 58th Street, Cargo Road, East 73rd Street, Central Parkway, East 86th Street, East 86th Street, Girard Avenue South, Beard Avenue South, Briar Circle, East Bush Lake Road, Ensign Avenue South, Lake Fall Drive, Prairie Center Drive * Orange Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 30 stations) Prairie Center Drive, Smetana Lane, Braemar Boulevard, Dewey Hill Road, Dewey Hill Road, Rabun Drive, West Shore Drive, Oaklawn Avenue, Vincent Avenue South, Irving Avenue South, Valley View Place, East Minnehaha Parkway, Bloomington Avenue South, East 38th Street, East 33rd Street, East 28th Street, Clinton Avenue South, Minneapolis Skyway, Nicollet Mall, North 5th Street, Oak Lake Avenue, Van White Memorial Boulevard, North Girard Avenue, North Knox Avenue, Penn Avenue North, Theodore Wirth Parkway, Meridian Drive, Drew Avenue North, Major Avenue North, 34th Avenue North * Purple Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 21 stations) East Lafayette Frontage Road, Winona Street East, Moreland Avenue East, Emerson Avenue West, Smith Avenue South, Marie Avenue, River to River Greenway, Victoria Curve, Victoria Curve, Snelling Lake Trail, East 73rd Street, 11th Avenue South, West 70th Street, Lakeshore Drive, Penn Avenue South, France Avenue South, Tingdale Avenue, Crosstown Highway, Indian Hills Road, Crosstown Highway, Baker Road * Magenta Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 28 stations) Deerwood Drive, Englert Road, Yankee Doodle Road, Lone Oak Road, Eagan Industrial Road, Lexington Avenue South, Victoria Curve, Shepard Road, South Homer Street, Highland Parkway, Highland Parkway, West Wellesley Avenue, Laurel Avenue, North Albert Street, Como Avenue, California Avenue, Snelling Avenue North, East Snelling Drive North, Hamline Avenue North, Floral Drive West, Hamline Avenue North, Willow Creek Lane, Cord Street Northeast, Lexington Avenue North, 97th Lane Northeast, Erskin Street Northeast, 109th Avenue Northeast, East Anoka County Regional Trail * Cyan Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 11 stations) Ewing Avenue North, 57th Avenue North, Horizon Drive, Moore Lake Drive West, Pierce Street Northeast, 69th Avenue Northeast, Stinson Boulevard, Silver Lake Road, Sherwood Road, Interstate Highway 35W, Cord Street Northeast * Pink Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 33 stations) 4th Avenue West, 4th Avenue East, 4th Avenue East, Innovation Boulevard, Stagecoach Road, Aquila Avenue South, West 100th Street, Ensign Avenue South, Texas Avenue South, Maryland Road, Bush Lake Road, Rabun Drive, Tingdale Avenue, Benton Avenue, Richmond Drive, Bedford Avenue, Oxford Avenue, Dakota Avenue South, Kentucky Avenue South, Kentucky Avenue South, Cedar Lake Road, Wayzata Boulevard, Glenwood Avenue, Olson Memorial Highway Frontage Road South, Welcome Avenue North, Valery Road, 26th Avenue North, Meridian Drive, North Washburn Avenue, North Thomas Avenue, North 44th Avenue, North Humboldt Avenue, North Humboldt Avenue
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