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Map type: local | Total track length: 35 miles | Center coordinate: 38.57470577775997, -121.47860770507145 | * Blue Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 14 stations) Sacramento State University, University and 65th, Folsom and 59th, 48th and Folsom, Mercy Hospital (J and 40th), Alhambra and K, Sutter's Fort State Park / Sutter Hospital, Midtown / 24th and K, Lavender Heights (J and 20th), Handle District (L and 18th), Capitol Park / Convention Center (13th and K), Downtown Commons / 7th and K, Sacramento Valley Station, Old Sacramento / Railroad Museum * Purple Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 5 stations) Curtis Park, Broadway and 21st, Winn Park (Q and 27th), Midtown / 24th and K, Stanford Park / C and 27th * Green Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 7 stations) Stanford Park / C and 27th, McKinley Park / Rose Garden, Mercy Hospital (J and 40th), Fab 40s / Folsom and 42nd Street, Med Triangle / Stockton and X, Oak Park, Curtis Park * Yellow Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 5 stations) Med Triangle / Stockton and X, Sacramento High School, Winn Park (Q and 27th), Ice Blocks (R and 17th), Southside Park (T and 8th) * Red Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 9 stations) Curtis Park, Land Park / Sacramento City College, McClatchy High School, Riverside and Broadway, Southside Park (T and 8th), Capitol Park / Convention Center (13th and K), Music Circus / Mansion Flats (G and 15th), Boulevard Park (21st and F), Stanford Park / C and 27th * Commute Express Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 6 stations) Sacramento Valley Station, Capitol Park / Convention Center (13th and K), Midtown / 24th and K, Sutter's Fort State Park / Sutter Hospital, Mercy Hospital (J and 40th), Sacramento State University * Airport Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 4 stations) Arrivals, Del Paso Rd / Natomas, Truxel / W El Camino, Sacramento Valley Station
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