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Map type: local | Total track length: 148 miles | Center coordinate: 40.73844013960122, -73.98213615464216 | * Red Line: (High speed rail, 7 stations) MTA Bus - E 79 St & 5 Av (M79), West 50th Street, West 34th Street, Spear Physical Therapy, Hoboken Newport Walkway- Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, Summit Avenue, Newer * Green Line: (Regional rail, 5 stations) MTA Bus - SI Ferry & Ramp D (S40/S42/S44/S52/S90/S94), Rector Street, Richmond Terrace, Elizabeth River Trail, Newer * Yellow Line: (Regional rail, 16 stations) Palisades Interstate Parkway, Gerome Avenue, Central Boulevard, Gorge Road, Riverview Drive, Bergenline Avenue, 31st Street, 8th Street, Saint Pauls Avenue, Summit Avenue, Garfield Avenue, New Jersey Highway 440, Broadway, Rector Street, Henderson Avenue, MTA Bus - SI Ferry & Ramp D (S40/S42/S44/S52/S90/S94) * Blue Line: (High speed rail, 13 stations) 3rd Avenue, 3rd Avenue, East 43rd Street, East 24th Street, Yoga to the People, The Leon Hotel, Duffield Street, Wetzel's Pretzels, Wetzel's Pretzels, Prospect Expressway, 4th Avenue, 4th Avenue, MTA Bus - SI Ferry & Ramp D (S40/S42/S44/S52/S90/S94) * Orange Line: (Regional rail, 7 stations) Franklin Street, East 24th Street, West 34th Street, West 34th Street, 31st Street, Paterson Plank Road, Coaches Club * Purple Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 4 stations) West 49th Street, West 50th Street, 3rd Avenue, Terminal B Bus/Taxi Lane * Cyan Line: (Regional rail, 13 stations) John F Kennedy Expressway, South Conduit Avenue, Atlantic Avenue, Eastern Parkway, Atlantic Avenue, Wetzel's Pretzels, Duffield Street, West Broadway, New York Passport Agency, Spear Physical Therapy, West 34th Street, West 50th Street, Dino's Shoe Repair * Magenta Line: (High speed rail, 2 stations) John F Kennedy Expressway, Dino's Shoe Repair * Lime Line: (Regional rail, 31 stations) Checkers, Stillwell Avenue, Avenue P, Avenue P, 3 Brothers Deli & Grocery, Ocean Parkway, Ocean Parkway, Prospect Avenue, Prospect Park West, Grand Army Plaza, Wetzel's Pretzels, Duffield Street, The Leon Hotel, East 14th Street, East Houston Street, East Houston Street, Bread & Butter, East 42nd Street, East 72nd Street, Fdr Drive, Raices Domimicanas Cigars, Park Avenue, Malcolm X Boulevard, Edgecombe Avenue, Wadsworth Avenue, Dyckman Street, West 230th Street, Henry Hudson Parkway, West 261st Street, Radford Street, Prospect Street * Pink Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 13 stations) Beach Channel Drive, Hendrickson Street, Clarendon Road, The UPS Store, Grand Army Plaza, Wetzel's Pretzels, Duffield Street, Boris Mechanical, Avenue C, East 14th Street, 5th Avenue, East 49th Street, MTA Bus - E 79 St & 5 Av (M79) * Teal Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 6 stations) Broadway, Broadway, 10th Avenue, Audubon Avenue, Wadsworth Avenue, Gerome Avenue
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