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Total track length: 0 miles | * Airports Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 38 stations) Airport P&R, Airport Corporate, Airport Terminal, Airport P&R, Kellogg & Dugan, Towne West, Kellogg & West, Newman, Friends, Kellogg & Seneca, Kellogg & McLean, Riverfront Stadium, Century II, Douglas & Broadway, Union/Naftzger/Arena, Douglas & Washington, Douglas & Hydraulic, Douglas & Canal, East HS, Douglas & Hillside, College Hill Park, Douglas & Oliver, Cypress Park/VA, Kellogg & Woodlawn, Towne East, Independent HS, East YMCA, Beechcraft, Waterfront South, Waterfront North, 17th & Greenwich, 21st & K-96, K-96 & Greenwich, Stryker Sports Complex, Jabara Airport, K-96 & Rock, Willowbend South, Willowbend North * Crosstown Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 24 stations) Aviation, GW & Ross, Pawnee & GW, Harry & GW, Lincoln & Grove, I 135, Douglas & Canal, Douglas & Hydraulic, Douglas & Washington, Union/Naftzger/Arena, Douglas & Broadway, Century II, Delano, Douglas & Seneca, Douglas & Glenn, Douglas & Meridian, Mayberry Middle, Maple & West, Towne West, Central & Hoover, Zoo, SC Park, Ridge & Suncrest, Northwest HS * University Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 19 stations) Grandview Heights, WSU South, Via Christi St. Joseph, Lincoln & Hillside, Kellogg & Hillside, Douglas & Hillside, 2nd & Hillside, Wesley, Sleepy Hollow South, Sleepy Hollow Mid, Sleepy Hollow North, WSU 17th, WSU East Campus, WSU Innovation, WSU Hyatt, 21st & Oliver, 25th & Oliver, WSU Dental, WSU Metroplex * River Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 17 stations) Zoo, 21st & River, Meridian Park, New Leaf Plaza, 13th & River, Sim Park, Museums, Keeper of the Plains, Library/Exploration Place, Riverfront Stadium, Kellogg & McLean, Lincoln & McLean, Harry & McLean, Pawnee & McLean, Watson Park, River & Broadway, MacArthur & Broadway * BNSF Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 21 stations) Willowbend North, Bel Aire, Koch Industries, Glen Dey Park, K-96 Park, 21st & Mosley, 17th & Santa Fe, 13th & Santa Fe, Via Christi St Francis, Central & Santa Fe, Old Town, Union/Naftzger/Arena, Kellogg & Mead, Lincoln & Mead, SE & Washington, Harry & SE, Mt Vernon & SE, Pawnee & SE, Pawnee & Washington, South Broadway Avenue, Watson Park * WSU Circulator: (Metro/rapid transit, 13 stations) WSU 17th, 17th & Innovation, NetApp, 18th & Oliver, WSU Hyatt, WSU Innovation, WSU YMCA, Hubbard Hall, Charles Koch Arena, Shocker Hall, Ablah Library, Beggs Hall, WSU 17th * Downtown Circulator: (Metro/rapid transit, 22 stations) Kellogg & Hydraulic, Kellogg & Washington, Kellogg & Mead, Kellogg & Broadway, Kellogg & Main, Kellogg & McLean, West HS, Kellogg & Seneca, Maple & Seneca, Douglas & Seneca, Delano, Library/Exploration Place, McLean & Seneca, Riverside Park, City Hall, Central & Broadway, Central & Santa Fe, Central & Washington, Central & Hydraulic, 2nd & Canal, Douglas & Canal, I 135 * North Line: (Metro/rapid transit, 27 stations) Butler CC Andover, Andover, 17th & 159th, 17th & 143rd, 17th & 127th, 17th & Greenwich, 17th & Webb, Saddle Creek, 21st & Rock, Shadybrook, 21st & Woodlawn, 21st & Edgemoor, 21st & Oliver, WSU Hyatt, WSU Innovation, WSU YMCA, Hubbard Hall, 21st & Hillside, 21st & Grove, 21st & Canal, 21st & Mosley, 21st & Broadway, 21st & Waco, Woodland Park, 21st & Amidon, 21st & River, Zoo
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