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Total track length: 0 miles | * Silver Line: (Bus rapid transit, 20 stations) Federal Hwy / Yamato Rd, Boca Raton Blvd / Yamato Rd, I-95, Congress Av, T-Rex Av, Broken Sound Blvd, Military Trl / Yamato Rd, St Andrews Blvd, Jog Rd / Yamato Rd, NW 55th Diagonal, Boca West Dr, Florida's Tpke, Gatehouse Dr, Lyons Rd / Yamato Rd, Lakeridge Blvd, State Road 7 / Yamato Rd, Cain Blvd / Yamato Rd, Boca Isles Ln, Cain Blvd / Old Pump House Rd, South Country Park * Red Line: (Bus rapid transit, 20 stations) Federal Hwy / Glades Rd, NW 2nd Av, NW 13th St, University Dr, Airport Rd / NW 15th Av, Military Trl / Glades Rd, Butts Rd, St Andrews Blvd, Powerline Rd / Glades Rd, Boca West Dr, Boca Rio Rd, Golf Course Rd, Lyons Rd / Glades Rd, 95th Av, State Rd 7 / Glades Rd, Cain Blvd / Glades Rd, Park Access Rd, Pt Royal Dr, Cain Blvd / Old Pump House Rd, South Country Park * Airport Shuttle: (Bus rapid transit, 3 stations) Congress Av, Boca Raton Airport, Airport Rd / NW 15th Av * Green Line: (Bus rapid transit, 22 stations) Sample Rd / Powerline Rd, Wiles Rd / Green Rd, SW 10th St, Powerline Rd / Hillsborough Blvd, NW 6th St / Avenue of the Lakes, SW 18th St / Powerline Rd, Boca Pointe Dr, Camino Real / Powerline Rd, Powerline Rd / Palmetto Park Rd, Palmetto Circle, Via Firenze, Sunstream Blvd, Verde Trail, South Grande Dr, Powerline Rd / Glades Rd, Potomac Rd, NW 38th St, Jog Rd / Yamato Rd, Clint Moore Rd, Newport Bay Blvd / Champion Blvd, Linton Blvd, Jog Rd / Atlantic Av * Camino Real Trolley: (Tram, 12 stations) Camino Real / Ocean Blvd, Royal Palm Way / SW 5th Av, Camino Real / Federal Hwy, SW 8th St, SW 7th Av, SW 9th Av, SW 12th Av, I-95, Military Trl / Camino Real, Camino Del Mar, Mariposa Dr, Camino Real / Powerline Rd * Blue Line: (Bus rapid transit, 16 stations) Military Trl / Atlantic Av, Linton Blvd, Bocaire Blvd, Clint Moore Rd, Military Trl / Yamato Rd, Potomac Rd, Military Trl / Glades Rd, NW 19th St, Boca Center, Verde Trl / Conference Dr, Military Trl / Palmetto Park Rd, Military Trl / Camino Real, Parkside Blvd, Military Trl / Powerline Rd, NW 5th St, Military Trl / Hillsborough Blvd * Yellow Line: (Bus rapid transit, 1 stations) Sample Rd / Powerline Rd * Orange Line: (Bus rapid transit, 20 stations) Hillsborough Blvd / SE 20th Av, Hillsborough Blvd / Federal Hwy, Dixie Hwy, MLK Jr. Blvd, I-95, Deerfield Beach Tri-Rail, Military Trl / Hillsborough Blvd, Deer Creek Blvd, Deer Creek Rd, Country Club Blvd, Powerline Rd / Hillsborough Blvd, NW 41st Way, Florida's Tpke, NW 39th Av, Lyons Rd / Hillsborough Blvd, NW 51st Ter, Hillsboro Blvd / State Rd 7, NW 64th Ter, NW 79th Dr, Everglades Way * Purple Line: (Bus rapid transit, 25 stations) Atlantic Av / NE 6th Av, SE 4th St, SE 10th St, Linton Blvd, Fladell's Way, Lindell Blvd, Hidden Valley Blvd, Appleby St, Jeffery St, Federal Hwy / Yamato Rd, Spanish River Blvd, NE 32nd St, NE 26th St, NE 20th St / NE 5th Av, NE 15th Ter, Federal Hwy / Glades Rd, NE Mizner Blvd / Museum, Plaza Real, Palmetto Park Rd / Federal Hwy, SE Mizner Blvd, Camino Real / Federal Hwy, SW 15th St, SW 18th St / Federal Hwy, Broward Marina, Hillsborough Blvd / Federal Hwy * Cyan Line: (Bus rapid transit, 15 stations) Atlantic Av / NE 6th Av, SW 1st Av, SW 12th Av, Congress Av, Homewood Blvd, Barwick Rd, Military Trl / Atlantic Av, Sims Rd, Lakes of Delray Blvd, Jog Rd / Atlantic Av, Cumberland Dr, Eagle Point Dr, Florida's Turnpike, Lyons Rd, West Delray Beach
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